Sunday, December 3, 2017

New York

Labor Day weekend I hopped on a flight to NYC with my parents to go visit my sisters.  Both of them live on the east coast (thought not in New York) so it was easy for them to meet us there.

We stayed an off shoot of Hilton near Grand Central Station that had a very cool industrial vibe. My sisters and I stayed in one room and my parents stayed next door in an adjoining room.

After we got all checked in we had some time to kill before one of my sisters got there so after having a drink in the hotel bar we took a walk over to the United Nations building. 

As you can see we had all kinds of fun taking pictures in front of the United Nations since obviously we couldn't go inside at 5 PM on a Friday night.

When the 5th member of the group arrived we took the recommendation of the hotel's staff and walked to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner. This was probably the best Italian food I have had in my whole life and as soon as I remember the name of it next time I am in New York I will be going back! 

The next morning after a quick walk through Grand Central we all hopped on the train and headed to the Bronx to the Bronx Botanic Gardens.

Today was her birthday and you can tell how excited she was that I was taking a picture of her. In addition to all the beautiful plants and flowers there was also a Dale Chihuly exhibit in the gardens. Prepare for flower and glass picture overload.

Funny story about this boat: When my husband first tried to find me on Facebook (we had met in a class in grad school) my profile picture was a picture of a version of this boat filled with colorful glass balls so he wasn't sure it was my profile. This time I posed in the picture with the boat and sent it to him!

After finishing up at the gardens and taking a little rest back at the hotel we headed to dinner to celebrate the birthday girl. We had a fancy dinner at the top of the Marriott Marquee in the spinning restaurant.

After a delicious dinner complete with dessert with a candle we headed to Broadway to see Aladdin. While it was good both Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are better shows. After the show it was raining but we decided to walk back to our hotel anyway.  We figured we were going get pretty wet waiting for an Uber anyway so we might as well just walk.

We slept in the next morning and then headed out to have brunch at a German restaurant.  It is never to early for German beer!

After being all happy and full of German food we headed over to the MET to walk off all the food. After getting our fill of art we headed back to the hotel so that one of my sisters could head to the airport to catch her flight back to school. What kind of school makes you go to class on Labor Day??

Sunday night before we went to bed we looked out the window of the hotel and the Empire State Building was all dressed up with red white and blue lights.

On our last day before we headed to the airport we went up to the World Trade Center memorial and museum.  I had been to the memorial before but had never gone into the museum.  I was extremely impressed with the museum and could have spent an hour or two longer than we had to spend there.

My sister lives in Pennsylvania so she drove to New Jersey and then took the ferry over to the city so when it was time to head to the airport we took a ferry to New Jersey and she ended up just dropping us off at Newark on her way home.

After an uneventful plane ride I arrived home and was so happy to see my husband!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Stich Fix #28

It has been a while since I did a review of a Stitch Fix post so here is a quick wrap of of the one I received a couple of months ago.

I was in a wedding a couple of months ago where I got to wear a sari and I wanted to wear gold sandals. I requested a pair and this is what I received. They fit but they didn't feel special or sparkly enough to wear to a wedding so I sent them back.

All summer I had been looking for a comfy pair of shorts so this was one last attempt to find a pair.  I loved the color but they didn't fit quite right so they had to go back too.

Loved this dress but I couldn't wear a bra with this and I didn't want to be limited to always wearing it with sweater so I ended up sending it back.

I also loved this shirt but the back made it so I couldn't wear a bra with it either. The back was the most interesting part and having to always wear a sweater over it kind of defeats the purpose of having an interesting back. I sent this one back too.

This dress was cute but ended up not fitting well and I was going to have to be very careful not to have my bra straps show with this one too. This one went back too.

I didn't end up keeping from my box this month but the colors of the clothing this month were gorgeous.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Las Vegas

At the end of August my husband and I took a little trip to Las Vegas. Yes, it was hot.  Too hot but it was the most convenient time for us to go so we braved the heat. We started our trip off right with a cocktail in the airport.

We few in Saturday in the middle of the afternoon so it gave us just enough time settle into our room before setting out to find some dinner. We were staying at the Tropicana so we decided to be lazy and just eat at one of the restaurants there.

After dinner my husband headed back to the room for a nice quiet evening but I hopped in an Uber to head over to Planet Hollywood to see........Britney Spears!

I got there with plenty of time to spare so I grabbed a drink and walked around the mall near the theatre.

Taking pictures during a concert doesn't result in very good photos but I took a bunch anyway. I have never been to a concert alone before (there was no way my husband would be caught dead at a Britney concert) so it was a new experience. Can't say it was as fun as going with a group of friends but if I have no one to go with I would do it again.

Sunday morning we slept in a bit and then had to watch a timeshare presentation.  After we finished watching the presentation we headed a couple of blocks off the strip the the Hofbrauhaus restaurant for a late lunch.

My husband loves german food and german beer so he was in heaven. The food was delicious. Not as good as when we were actually in Germany last year but it definitely hit the spot.

In addition to the good food and drinks there was plenty to do there.  They had a host playing songs and games with the diners. One of the games was to hold a stein of beer up using only one arm for as long as possible.  I am definitely not known for my upper body strength but out of the 4 woman that participated I game in 2nd.

After we finished eating we went to the next room over which was done up like a beer garden complete with a night sky painted on the ceiling.  There were a bunch of pub games to play and we played all of them.  I won at corn hole and beer pong while my husband won at giant jenga.  

By the time we finished playing games we had room for a dessert trio to end our german meal.

After a big lunch we headed back to the hotel and ended up just having a late dinner at another restaurant in our hotel.

Monday morning we decided to brave the heat and explore the hotels nearby.  We stopped in a the M&M store for some air conditioning and looked at all the chocolate.  We didn't buy anything but we did try on some enormous shoes!

We ended up in New York New York so we decided to have lunch.  After looking at all of our options we ended up deciding to go to the Irish pub and it was a good decision! No shortage of calories in all this food but it was oh so delicious!

That afternoon husband decided to take a nap in the air conditioned room while I headed down to the pool.  I grabbed a big slushy cocktail on my way to the pool to keep myself cool.  It was late enough in the afternoon that most of pool deck was in the shade which was fine by me.  I sat by the pool for a couple of hours in the shade and every time I got hot I just got in the pool for a few minutes to cool off.  A quite enjoyable afternoon.

For our last dinner in Vegas we went to a delicious Italian in the MGM Grand.  The whole mean was delicious but the dessert was probably the best thing we ate our entire trip.  My husband is still bitter that we shared it and he didn't order his own.

This delicious desert was a triple bread pudding.  Dark chocolate bread pudding, milk chocolate sauce and topped white chocolate ice cream.  Ohhhh so good!

Tuesday we slept in and wondered around New York New York again before flying back home and back to reality.  

This was my week of vacations because after returning from Vegas on Tuesday I went to work for 2 days than then took off to New York City on Friday with my family. Recap on that coming soon!