Sunday, November 12, 2017

Las Vegas

At the end of August my husband and I took a little trip to Las Vegas. Yes, it was hot.  Too hot but it was the most convenient time for us to go so we braved the heat. We started our trip off right with a cocktail in the airport.

We few in Saturday in the middle of the afternoon so it gave us just enough time settle into our room before setting out to find some dinner. We were staying at the Tropicana so we decided to be lazy and just eat at one of the restaurants there.

After dinner my husband headed back to the room for a nice quiet evening but I hopped in an Uber to head over to Planet Hollywood to see........Britney Spears!

I got there with plenty of time to spare so I grabbed a drink and walked around the mall near the theatre.

Taking pictures during a concert doesn't result in very good photos but I took a bunch anyway. I have never been to a concert alone before (there was no way my husband would be caught dead at a Britney concert) so it was a new experience. Can't say it was as fun as going with a group of friends but if I have no one to go with I would do it again.

Sunday morning we slept in a bit and then had to watch a timeshare presentation.  After we finished watching the presentation we headed a couple of blocks off the strip the the Hofbrauhaus restaurant for a late lunch.

My husband loves german food and german beer so he was in heaven. The food was delicious. Not as good as when we were actually in Germany last year but it definitely hit the spot.

In addition to the good food and drinks there was plenty to do there.  They had a host playing songs and games with the diners. One of the games was to hold a stein of beer up using only one arm for as long as possible.  I am definitely not known for my upper body strength but out of the 4 woman that participated I game in 2nd.

After we finished eating we went to the next room over which was done up like a beer garden complete with a night sky painted on the ceiling.  There were a bunch of pub games to play and we played all of them.  I won at corn hole and beer pong while my husband won at giant jenga.  

By the time we finished playing games we had room for a dessert trio to end our german meal.

After a big lunch we headed back to the hotel and ended up just having a late dinner at another restaurant in our hotel.

Monday morning we decided to brave the heat and explore the hotels nearby.  We stopped in a the M&M store for some air conditioning and looked at all the chocolate.  We didn't buy anything but we did try on some enormous shoes!

We ended up in New York New York so we decided to have lunch.  After looking at all of our options we ended up deciding to go to the Irish pub and it was a good decision! No shortage of calories in all this food but it was oh so delicious!

That afternoon husband decided to take a nap in the air conditioned room while I headed down to the pool.  I grabbed a big slushy cocktail on my way to the pool to keep myself cool.  It was late enough in the afternoon that most of pool deck was in the shade which was fine by me.  I sat by the pool for a couple of hours in the shade and every time I got hot I just got in the pool for a few minutes to cool off.  A quite enjoyable afternoon.

For our last dinner in Vegas we went to a delicious Italian in the MGM Grand.  The whole mean was delicious but the dessert was probably the best thing we ate our entire trip.  My husband is still bitter that we shared it and he didn't order his own.

This delicious desert was a triple bread pudding.  Dark chocolate bread pudding, milk chocolate sauce and topped white chocolate ice cream.  Ohhhh so good!

Tuesday we slept in and wondered around New York New York again before flying back home and back to reality.  

This was my week of vacations because after returning from Vegas on Tuesday I went to work for 2 days than then took off to New York City on Friday with my family. Recap on that coming soon!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Baseball Games, Berry Picking and Other Summer Adventures

Now that summer is officially over (hear that weatherman?? over!) I figured I should recap a few of the fun things I did over the summer that didn't quite need a whole post of their own. Somehow these pictures did not end up in chronological order so just go with it.

After going to an escape room with a couple of coworkers earlier in the summer word got around how fun it was and another trip was planned.  This time we were about 2 or 3 minutes away from escaping so we were so sad we didn't make it.

I don't watch much baseball (or really an sport) on TV but I always enjoy see games live.  My sister in law and niece and I decided to get tickets to a game since they had never been to a San Francisco Giants game.

When at a baseball game calories don't count right?? It was a fun night of baseball, junk food and the Giants actually winning a game.

I was the committee that planned our yearly work retreat this year and one of the activities we had planned was for each unit to make a coat of arms that represented what they do. I thought our turned out pretty well and it was definitely the most glittery and colorful.

I am a member of a woman's organization and this summer our social event's theme "Class Reunion of 67". It was a dress up party so I threw on a long colorful dress and made a flower crown and called it a day.  

Since the party was a pot luck and we had moved about a week prior to the event I opted for easy.  Root beer floats for the win.  I just grabbed some ice cream, root beer and plastic cups. So easy and it was a big hit.

Almost every year since I was a little kid I have gone berry picking at a farm in Watsonville with family.  This year my mom and I were the only ones who were able to go. Some years we pick one kind of berry and other years we are able to pick multiple kinds. This year we picked blackberries and olallieberries. We were there right at the beginning of blackberry season so there were not as many as if we had come a week or 2 later but we were there at the peak of olallieberry season.

 Every good berry picking trip ends with a trip to the bakery for dessert and this one was no different. The strawberry shortcake was delicious!

In July my husband and I went down to my parent's house to celebrate my dad's birthday. My parents bought this thing at a charity auction where a chef comes your house and cooks dinner so the dinner was extra fun.

Not only did they cook all the food but they brought all the dishes and decorations for the party too.  The table looked so pretty.

The only food I managed to take a picture of was the meeting and cheese plate.  Once the party got started I was too busy talking to people and having fun to remember to get my phone out.

Only a few months late but that pretty much sums up all the fun little adventures of the summer.  Recap of our Las Vegas trip and my trip to see my sisters in NYC at the end of the summer still to come.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Stitch Fix #27

When I opened my Stitch Fix box this month I liked the colors I saw so I had high hopes for the clothes in the box.

Another wrap dress that theoretically should have been perfect on me but was not. The color was nice but the top was too loose and low while the bottom half showed every little bump I have. Not a good look so it definitely had to go back.

This dress was cute but a bit too tight on the top so it had to go back.  I am pretty sure even if I lost a it of weight my chest isn't going to shrink.

This high low grey t-shirt fit fine but was nothing special.  The fabric was just a bit too thin for my liking so it too had to go back.

I really sad that these shorts didn't work out because I loved the pattern on them.  They didn't have any sort of zipper or buttons on them so you just had to pull them on.  Once I got them on they fit fine but I can't imagine having to try and yank them on and off every time I had to use the restroom so they had to go back.

Loved the color and the fit of this shirt but with the sheer top and underarms my bra was going to be visible no matter what I did and I can't have that so back it went.

Still a couple more Stitch Fix boxes to catch up on...