Monday, May 14, 2018

Life Lately

Nothing super big has been going on around here so figured I would put all the little things into one post.

I have this "vicious" guard dragon guarding my desk at work.  He has a a couple of signs that he sits in front of but this one about being awesome is his favorite.

There is a new fish and chips place down the street from my office so last week my husband and I had a lunch date to try it out. I had the cod sandwich which was pretty good but I think next time I am going to just have regular fish and chips because the fish was easily the best part of meal.

My sister in law was in town for our niece's confirmation so we decided to have a girl's afternoon so we went and got pedicures. Not that I don't get my toes done regularly the rest of the year but when it is sandal season I make sure to pick fun colors since my toes get seen a lot more this time of year.

I didn't actually get to go to my niece's conformation because it happened to fall on the same day as my mom's birthday. My husband went to the confirmation and I drove down to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. I wore my yellow flowered dress again.  I have been getting lots of use out of my very fun spring dress.

My parents went to an auction a few months ago and bought a thing where a chef comes to your house and cooks for a dinner party for you. My mom decided to use it for her birthday dinner so a bunch of people came over to my parent's for dinner. The table looked all pretty and fancy and the food was delicious. I only managed to take a picture of my fabulous salad because I was too busy eating all the yummy food (hello white chocolate bread pudding) and talking.

My sister in law was here until Tuesday so after work on Monday she, our niece and I took a trip to Ulta to do a little makeup shopping.

I have been thinking about getting this blush palette for a while so I took this opportunity to actually buy it. I have been having fun all week trying all the different colors.

Even though the weather is warming up and summer is fast approaching I couldn't resist this candle I found at Target last week.  I went in to buy a card for my mom and of course came out with lots of other things in addition to the card I am came in for.  Target is a dangerous place.
The next few weekends are also fairly quiet as of now but you never knows what might end up on my calendar.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

It is time for another What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week: 
 I only get them a couple of times a month but this week was one of the weeks I got a meal prep delivery box.  We have been working on eating more fruits and vegetables so I decided to order the Hello Fresh vegetarian box this week.  Our first meal was called a Sunshine Bowl and was a chickpea, sweet potato and ferro bowl.  It was delicious.

What I'm reminiscing about:
I have been fairly busy lately so I have really been wishing for a beach vacation to just sit and soak up the sun while reading a good book.

What I'm loving:
 I am loving that the weather is warming up around here but it hasn't gotten super hot yet.  I am sure it is coming soon but for now I am enjoying the warm not hot weather.

What we've been up to:
This past weekend I went to a tea party with my mom. The theme was "Bee Happy" hence the fabulous head pieces and the fun picture frame.  We didn't do it on purpose but we both ended up wearing polka dot dresses to the tea.

What I'm dreading: I have had a bunch of doctor's appointments recently and been on some medication recently so I am hoping all of this comes to an end soon. Sorry to be vague but more on this topic at a later time. Nothing life threatening but still no fun.

What I'm working on: I am working on eating healthy and continuing to go to the gym consistently.  I usually have one pair of tennis shoes at work for walks and one pair at home to wear to the gym but I have been going to the gym so consistantly that I decided I needed a second pair for the gym.  I got a great pair of grey gym shoes that are super lightweight.

What I'm excited about: I leave tomorrow for a little trip to Disneyland.  What is different about this trip is that my dad is going with me.  Just he and I are going for what we called a "Dad Day" as kids. We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel and have grand plans to make use of all the fun stuff the hotel has the day we get there before spending Friday and Saturday in the parks.

What I'm watching/reading: Earlier this year all 15 seasons of ER showed up on Hulu so I am slowly working my way thorough that. I have seen some whole seasons and others episodes as reruns but have never watched the whole thing in chronological order. I am all the way through season 9 and just started season 10 so probably another month or so before I finish the whole thing.

What I'm listening to: Mostly whatever comes on my Pandora which is usually a mix of country and a random mix of 90s-00s pop music.  Everyone needs some Britney in their life every once in a while.

What I'm wearing: Other than my new polka dot dress that I wore to tea with my mom I haven't done much regular shopping but my typical weekend wear recently has consisted of my favorite yoga pants and the teal spirit jersey I got on my last trip to Disneyland.

What I'm doing this weekend: My grand plans are to hop on a plane tomorrow and fly down to Orange County to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland! I come back Saturday night so Sunday will probably consist of normal weekend things like laundry and grocery shopping.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Stitch Fix #32

After finding a cute little romper in my Stitch Fix last month this month was kind of a fail and now that I look at it almost everything was grey or black.

The first shirt was a soft material but I just can't get on board with this big X on the neckline trend.  I feel like it just looks tacky and especially bad on me.

There was nothing wrong with the shirt except the fact that I have a couple of pretty similar ones already.  One of them even is even from a previous Stitch Fix box.

This dress was just nothing special and kind of frumpy.  It was comfortable and felt like a pajama but that was the problem.  It kind of makes me look like I am wearing a nightgown and that really isn't the look I was going for.

This sweater had multiple problems with it.  I don't mind a cowl neck on other people but I have never been a fan of it on myself.  The bigger problem with it was the slanted sort of wrap style bottom.  It did lay right and looked like I had just ripped my sweater instead of it being there purposely. 

This skirt was probably what I had the most hope for when I first opened the box but it too didn't work out.  The waistband folded over and managed to hit at the largest part of my waist so it made me look pudgy. Not the look I am going for.

Not the most successful box this month but my next box arrives tomorrow so I have high hopes for it.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Decorations

After Easter a couple of weeks ago I took down all the eggs and bunnies and turned what was left into my spring decorations by adding some extra flowers.

I didn't do anything too much but I was excited to use my new table runner on our china cabinet. I got the table runner at Target a few weeks ago and I love it. 
There aren't really any holidays coming up the warrant decorations so these decorations will be up for the next couple of months at least.

Monday, April 9, 2018

What to Try and What to Skip at the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

I talked a couple of weeks ago about some of my favorite foods at this years California Adventure Food and Wine Festival so if you want to hear about the best things go back and read about those but in the meantime here is everything else I ate at the festival. The good, the bad and the just okay.

Don't Recommend: 

This Spiced Oumph! Pita from the Avocado Time booth was probably my least favorite thing I ate at the festival. I obviously picked the tomato off but the pita and avocado portion of this dish were fine. The meat substitute was the part of the dish I disliked. It was dry and tough so this is the dish I wouldn't recommend getting.

Didn't Make the Top 5 But I Would Eat Them Again:

This Goat Cheese Fromage Blanc Tartine from the Nuts About Cheese was probably my favorite thing that didn't quite make the top 5.  You can't go wrong with cheese and this was the perfect little snack to go with the next item on this list.

Also from Nuts About Cheese booth I got a Mimosa Flight. They were Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry.  I think the Raspberry was my favorite but the Strawberry was a close second.  At the end I actually mixed the last bit of the Raspberry and the Strawberry one together and it was also quite delicious.

Please ignore the Jalapeno Mac and Cheese in this picture because it was amazing and easily made it on my favorite foods list. The Jalepeno Margarita from the Peppers Cali-Ente is what we are talking about here.  It was not a bad margarita but was also nothing special.  The non-alcoholic drink at this booth had a chili rim and I later saw some people getting the margarita with the rim so I think that would have drastically improved this drink by giving it some extra kick.

This next dish I was really excited to try because I like shrimp and I love love tacos but it ended up just being okay.  These Shrimp Boil Tacos from Off the Cob had so much potential that they just didn't live up to. They didn't taste bad but they were so oily that I was just off put by them.  I actually had to lean over and eat the tacos over the ground to let the oil drip off between each bite.

Needs Its Own Special Category:

This Watermelon Chili Lime Beignet is not actually from the Food and Wine Festival but is the special seasonal flavor at the Mint Julip Bar right now in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Each season there is a different flavor and while nothing has yet to top the Butterscotch one from Christmas a couple of years ago this one was very good. You don't taste the chili at first but after a few bites it kind of hits you in the back of the throat. 

There are still a few days left of the California Food and Wine Festival before both parks gear up for the Pixar Fest that is scheduled to go through the summer.  I am going to the parks in a couple of weeks so more Disney posts are in your future.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

Since the last few weekends have been busy with either my husband or I (or both of us) working on Saturdays we decided to take advantage of the three day weekend (Thank you Caesar Chavez) and enjoy some time at home.

I spent much of Friday running errands after I went to the gym and Saturday I went to the gym and got a pedicure before lounging around the house.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny had visited our house and left us some presents (one of my many Friday errands) to wake up to.  I got a new pair of shoes, a Reese's bunny and some other fun candy.

My husband got two new t-shirts, a Reese's bunny and Kit Kats in Spring colored wrappers. I love that the green one says "I know that guacamole is extra".

I didn't take any pictures but I wore the same flowered dress that I wore to charity auction a few weeks ago. After church on Sunday morning I made us a breakfast casserole for brunch.  I made some mimosas and a pretty bowl of fruit and called it a meal.

Even though we had no plans of hiding these eggs I decided it would still be fun to dye some hard boiled eggs.  The kit I bought only had 5 colors so there are no green eggs but the kit did come with glitter.  Can't go wrong with glitter.

It was a fairly quite weekend but that was actually nice.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Some Easter Decorations

With Easter coming up this weekend I am enjoying my bunnies and eggs for one more week before I switch over to some spring decorations.

I got some flowering branches in the dollar section of Target and used them decorate our side table.  The flowers are kind of a funny foam but unless you get up close (or touch them) you can't really tell.

I am pretty sure this stone bunny is meant as an outdoor decoration but I have always used her as part of my Easter table decorations.

I love how colorful Easter decorations are! Other than the little egg tree I am going to leave these pretty decorations up all spring.  I love how fresh flowers always make any space look more fancy and festive.

I put a few eggs up around my house.  Easter grass always makes such a mess while putting it out but the eggs look weird without it so I always end up dealing with the mess.  I will just try not disturb any of it when removing the eggs and replacing them with spring flowers.

Happy Easter!