Monday, January 15, 2018

Valentine's Day Decorations

I took my Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago. Even though we have been living here almost 6 months I haven't fully decorated my walls in any room so without the Christmas decorations my living room was looking mighty boring.

Since it is only about a month until Valentine's Day I decided this weekend that it was ok to put up some decorations. I didn't put too many decorations up this year but my house is definitely looking more festive.

I had a red table runner on our bar during Christmas so I just left it there and added a few Valentine's things.  Since this is where we store all our wine it seemed fitting to decorate using my collection of wine corks.

Our side table got a table runner and this fun little owl. It didn't look festive enough so I randomly scattered a few hearts around and liked it much better.

I have a couple more things in my kitchen but I didn't tidy up in there so no pictures of those.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Stitch Fix #29

Only one month behind in my Stitch Fix box reviews!

This blue shirt was a great color but the top was lace so you could see my bra straps. I didn't feel like always having to wear a sweater with it so this one got sent back.

I was really excited about this long grey cardigan when I saw it. The color was great but the weight of it was a little bit heavier than i was expecting.  Between the heavier weight and the longer length it ended up looking a lot like a bathrobe on me. That is not the quite the look I was going for so I sent this one back.

This dress was cute out of the box and I do love striped dresses (and stripes in general) but it was too tight in the chest so it was an immediate no.

This dress was cute enough when I took it out the the box but I wasn't super enthusiastic about it. After I put it on I still wasn't enthusiastic about it. It was just barely long enough to be work appropriate but it was nothing special so sent it back.

I do like striped clothes (as I mentioned above :) ) so I was happy to see this sweater in the box.  I put it on and the good feelings continued.  I really like the fun detail of the patches on the sleeve in addition to the stripes.  This one I kept and have worn many times.

There have been a few months recently where I ended up not keeping anything in my box but I was happy to find something to I wanted to keep this month.

You can get your own Stitch Fix box here

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year

Even though 2017 has come to an end and we are a week into 2018 I wanted to reminisce about our holiday season one more time before moving on to fully embrace 2018.

I spent the few days before Christmas finishing up sewing presents and wrapping presents.  All my shopping was done at least a week before Christmas but I somehow always manage to leave the wrapping to the last minute.  All the wrapping got done!
We spent Christmas Eve with my husbands siblings and their families.  His sister wasn't able to make it but we face-timed her in anyway.  When we hang out with them there is almost always end up playing some sort of game and this year was no exception.

Our niece and sister in law are in the hand bell choir at their church so we took a break from the festivities to go to church and watch them perform. It was nice to go to church on Christmas Eve with them because we don't make it down in time to make it to church with my family.

There is no photo proof of this fact but after church we had a delicious home made meal of Filipino foods and then opened presents.  We all buy presents for our niece and then do a secret Santa among the adults.  My husband and I drew his sister and our sister in law so I decided to make each of them a pair of comfy flannel pajama pants (hence the sewing mentioned earlier).

After we opened presents with my husband's family we hopped in the car and drove the hour down to my parent's house to head to bed.  I bought my sisters, my mom and me matching pajamas so I couldn't resist taking a picture of all of use in our matching glory on Christmas morning. After opening presents and having breakfast we all kind of lounged around for a good chunk of the day.  Played some games, watch some Hallmark movies and some of us (not me) even napped.

At some point during the afternoon we all showered and got dressed to head to my uncle's house with my mom's whole family for Christmas dinner. In my family Christmas dinner always entails prime rib and Yorkshire pudding with a trifle for dessert. Oh yeah and some sort of ice cream pie/cake for my birthday.  Since my birthday is Christmas day there is always singing too.  This year my birthday kind of just came and passed without too much fanfare so that was kind of meh but kind of happens when your birthday is Christmas.

We slept at my parents house on Christmas night and slept in a bit the next morning before heading into town to meet up with some of my high school girlfriends and their kids/husbands for brunch. After brunch we made our way back home and luckily there was very little traffic so it only took us just over an hour.

By the time we got to New Year's my husband and I decided we wanted to just have a nice quiet night in to welcome the new year.  I went out and bought a bunch of fun cheese, meats and crackers/bread to eat and we opened a bottle of red wine.  It was a quiet night but was super relaxing and exactly what we needed.
I am looking forward to all the 2018 has to bring!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Decorations

A little late with this but I did want to document the decorations I put up for our first Christmas in our new place.

Last year we drove into the Santa Cruz mountains to cut down our tree but the roads are quite windy and a bit scary at points so we decided to head down to Morgan Hill to get our tree instead. They didn't have quite the selection of the places in the mountains but I found a tree I was quite happy with.
Our china hutch even got a few little decorations this year.

I decided to treat our little side table kind of like a mantel and put up some garland.

Instead of hanging a wreath on the door I took down the painting above our bar and put the wreath up for the season.

Pretty tree all decorated with all our presents for our family and friends.

As usual I filled my wooden bowl with pretty Christmas balls.

I got most of my decorations up this year but there were a few I skipped. I had hoped to put up some outside lights on our house but that didn't quite happen either.  Things to do next year...

Sunday, December 3, 2017

New York

Labor Day weekend I hopped on a flight to NYC with my parents to go visit my sisters.  Both of them live on the east coast (thought not in New York) so it was easy for them to meet us there.

We stayed an off shoot of Hilton near Grand Central Station that had a very cool industrial vibe. My sisters and I stayed in one room and my parents stayed next door in an adjoining room.

After we got all checked in we had some time to kill before one of my sisters got there so after having a drink in the hotel bar we took a walk over to the United Nations building. 

As you can see we had all kinds of fun taking pictures in front of the United Nations since obviously we couldn't go inside at 5 PM on a Friday night.

When the 5th member of the group arrived we took the recommendation of the hotel's staff and walked to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner. This was probably the best Italian food I have had in my whole life and as soon as I remember the name of it next time I am in New York I will be going back! 

The next morning after a quick walk through Grand Central we all hopped on the train and headed to the Bronx to the Bronx Botanic Gardens.

Today was her birthday and you can tell how excited she was that I was taking a picture of her. In addition to all the beautiful plants and flowers there was also a Dale Chihuly exhibit in the gardens. Prepare for flower and glass picture overload.

Funny story about this boat: When my husband first tried to find me on Facebook (we had met in a class in grad school) my profile picture was a picture of a version of this boat filled with colorful glass balls so he wasn't sure it was my profile. This time I posed in the picture with the boat and sent it to him!

After finishing up at the gardens and taking a little rest back at the hotel we headed to dinner to celebrate the birthday girl. We had a fancy dinner at the top of the Marriott Marquee in the spinning restaurant.

After a delicious dinner complete with dessert with a candle we headed to Broadway to see Aladdin. While it was good both Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are better shows. After the show it was raining but we decided to walk back to our hotel anyway.  We figured we were going get pretty wet waiting for an Uber anyway so we might as well just walk.

We slept in the next morning and then headed out to have brunch at a German restaurant.  It is never to early for German beer!

After being all happy and full of German food we headed over to the MET to walk off all the food. After getting our fill of art we headed back to the hotel so that one of my sisters could head to the airport to catch her flight back to school. What kind of school makes you go to class on Labor Day??

Sunday night before we went to bed we looked out the window of the hotel and the Empire State Building was all dressed up with red white and blue lights.

On our last day before we headed to the airport we went up to the World Trade Center memorial and museum.  I had been to the memorial before but had never gone into the museum.  I was extremely impressed with the museum and could have spent an hour or two longer than we had to spend there.

My sister lives in Pennsylvania so she drove to New Jersey and then took the ferry over to the city so when it was time to head to the airport we took a ferry to New Jersey and she ended up just dropping us off at Newark on her way home.

After an uneventful plane ride I arrived home and was so happy to see my husband!