Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Life Lately-August

Just a random bunch of photos of what I was up to in the month of August.

My floor at work is under construction which means I don't have a desk at the moment.  At least I have a work laptop so I am mobile. My boss went on vacation so I got to sit at her desk and enjoy the view while she was gone.  Kind of a pain not having a desk but the view was nice.

Gotta love a theatre that serves wine! This theatre had those comfy reclining seats which would be great on a weekend but we were watching a movie after a long day at work so it took some effort not to fall asleep.

Every year my office has its retreat at this great place in the Santa Cruz mountains.  This place is so pretty and it is always nice to get away from the office and the daily routine.

In the middle of August I flew up to Seattle to go to a baby shower of one of my cousins. Despite the unseasonably warm weather while I was there I had a lovely time.

My cousin was pregnant with her first child and as you can tell from all the blue decorations she was having a little boy.  For so many years everyone on that side of my family had girl after girl but the last 3 babies born have been boys.

One of cute party favors was little bottles of alcohol labeled as baby making potion.  I took this one home but I haven't drunk it yet!

Near the end of the month I got a nice visit all of the other side of my family for a not so happy reason. My grandfather passed away at the ripe old age of 91 so his funeral brought my whole family to the same place at the same time. While it was not the happiest of occasions it was very nice to see everyone.

After a nice month it is time to September adventures!

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