Tuesday, April 11, 2017

All About Prom

This month the prompt for Show and Tell Tuesday is All About Prom.  This would be a great topic if I had thought about it in advance and had gotten pictures from my parents house...since I did not there is only one picture from prom that I have access to.

Since I have very few pictures I went to the good old internet to at least find a picture of the location of my prom and pictures of the restaurant we had dinner at. 

I went to prom with a whole group of friends (like everyone did) and we decided that fancy outfits deserved a fancy dinner.  The restaurant we went to was called Fresh Cream and overlooked the Monterey Bay. This place was fantastic but sadly it closed a few years ago. I didn't know this at the time (hello only 18 here) but this place had fantastic cocktails. My parents actually took me here to celebrate my 21st birthday hence the cocktail knowledge.

I have no idea what I ate for dinner that night but I am relatively certain I had this delicious chocolate box filled that was filled with a coffee milkshake. Ummm now I am dreaming about this desert.

After dinner we headed to the main event.  Our prom was held at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.  Our prom committee generally books the location about a year in advance so they had no idea when they booked this location the fact that it was a military facility would present a unique challenge. My prom was about six months after September 11th so security on military bases was at an all time high.  There we no limos allowed onto the base so we had to park in a random parking garage and were bused to the prom.  Not quite how most people pictured arriving at prom but it ended up not being that big a deal

Here is the one picture I actually have access to.  These were my two best friends who I had known since kindergarten.  It is hard to tell in this picture but my dress had a variety of beads and sequins on the bodice. You might notice that I am not wearing a corsage. It is not because I didn't have one but it itched so I put it on my ankle.  If only I access the pictures at my parents house you would see the many pictures of our feet (and fancy heels) that we took over the course of the night.

Prom was a fun night and looking back I have to say I don't cringe too much at the outfit I chose to wear.  Not sure I would pick the same dress if were choosing it now but it worked for the time.  

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