Monday, April 10, 2017

Disneyland and the Food and Wine Festival

A few weeks ago I headed to Southern California to head to one of my favorite places.  Disneyland!! A big reason for the timing of this trip was to go during the Food and Wine Festival that was happening at California Adventure so this post will be especially heavy on the food pictures. 

My first day there my annual pass was blacked out (I knew it was) but it was cheaper to fly in the morning than later in the day so I just spent my day hanging out in Downtown Disney and at the various hotels. Had to stop at the Lego store to take a picture of this scene from Beauty and the Beast.

Since I had eaten breakfast so many hours before (at like 5 AM) by the time I had checked into my hotel and headed out to Downtown Disney I was hungry again. While they are not Micky shaped the beignets in Downtown Disney are equally delicious to the ones in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

Always nice to relax in the Grand Californian lobby so I spent a bit of my morning doing just that. Funny story. I used come here and do some of my course reading during college in this lobby so I kind of felt like I should have had a book while sitting there.

Around lunch time I headed over to the Disneyland Hotel. 

I know this may come as a shock but despite always hearing good things about it I had never been to Trader Sam's. I rectified this during this trip.

I started out with piraña something drink that was delicious before moving on to some shrimp tacos.

After I finished lunch I figured I am on vacation so why not have another drink?  I slowly sipped this drink since it was quite strong before heading out to check into my hotel.

Usually when I go down to Disneyland I stay at the Hilton by the convention center or some other Hilton brand hotel since I can get a free breakfast there but this time I decided as a treat to stay at the Paradise Pier hotel since I thought it might be my last time in the parks for a while but I actually am taking another trip in a few weeks because the stars aligned.

When making the hotel reservation the agent had a little finger slip and my card got charged twice and while they fixed it right there and then and it was not problem the lady felt horrible and she told me that for being so nice about the mistake she would see if she could do something.  Apparently the something was being upgraded to a room with a view of the parks.  The view was gorgeous so moral of the story is being understanding and nice pays off.

The view was great during the day but being able to see the park all lit up from the comfort of my room was wonderful.  Soo pretty!

Sunday I got up bright and early and headed into the park.

The feeling of walking down Main Street first thing in the morning and seeing the castle in the distance never gets old. 

After riding a few rides I started to get a bit hungry so I headed over to New Orleans Square for some Micky shaped beignets. The special seasonal ones had lemon and glittery sugar on them.  I was excited to try them but they are good but nothing compared to the butterscotch ones they had in the fall.

One of the reasons for the lemon glitter beignets was to make them seem like the treasure from Pirates of the Caribbean since the weekend I was there was the 50th anniversary of the ride.

In addition to some special food offerings they also had some fun props to use to take pictures.

After a morning in Disneyland I headed over to California Adventure for the Food and Wine Festival and some lunch!

First thing I had was some cheddar ale soup that was fantastic.  I love soup in a bread bowl anyway so this soup was right up my ally. It was a nice size and small enough that I had room for a couple more items to count as lunch.

After the soup I had some corn nuggets with a beef chili on it which was also very good. I rode a few rides and then finished off my "lunch" with an onion mac and cheese dish.  You see no picture of said mac and cheese because as soon as I saw and smelt it it went straight into my mouth.  Sooo good!

By mid afternoon it was getting a bit hot (as it does) so I decided to head to Carthay Circle Lounge for a little air conditioning and some desert. 

A mojito and a trio of macrons are a nice way to cool off and relax.  I had gotten a fast pass for Soarn' Around the World when I first got to the park so I used that and then headed back to my room for a little rest.
I love having dinner at the Alfresco Tasting Lounge so that is what I did.  They have a whole variety of wine flights and all kinds of good appetizers.  Besides the food and drinks being yummy this place has a great view of Cars Land all lit up at night. 

After dinner I stopped by one more Food and Wine Festival booth and got some desert. I decided to be brave and try the artichoke cake pop. It was covered in dark chocolate and pistachios and didn't taste at all like artichoke.  The cake inside had almost the consistency of cookie dough and was really good.

The next day after a morning in Disneyland I headed over to California Adventure for some more food from the festival booths for lunch.  I had some steak and kimchi tacos first and they were delicious.

What goes better with tacos than a margarita? Not much so I grabbed a jalapeno margarita to go with the tacos.

I liked the mac and cheese so much the previous day that I got a second helping of it.  

I also tried the bacon mac and cheese and it was fine but nothing compared to the french onion mac and cheese.

I grabbed a bacon maple whoopee pie for desert on my way out of the park. It was good but not the best think I have ever had.

I had a little extra time before I had to catch my shuttle to the airport so I stopped by Trader Sam's for one last drink to cap off my trip. 

As I always do I had a wonderful time on my trip to Disneyland yet I was very glad to come home and be in my husbands arms in my own bed.

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