Thursday, June 16, 2016

Show Us Your...Dining Room

Our little condo doesn't so much as have a dining room but a dining area.

Our dining area is technically the same room as our living room though it has been spared most of the wedding mess that is currently taking over our living room. Our dining table is always decorated for whatever holiday season it is and often times the wall between our kitchen and dining room is also decorated too.

Our glass top dining table opens up to double the size it is in the picture if we need more seating. It can technically seat 6 or 8 people but that would require more than the 4 chairs that we have.  I guess we could use our desk chair and the other chair we have if we ever were serving dinner to more than 4 people.

One side of our dining room wall opens into the kitchen and the other one leads to the laundry closet and bath room.

While I decorate the wall between the kitchen and laundry closet on a regular basis the other two walls of our dining room don't get the same love. The far corner is actually usually used for storage of our ladder and the vacuum cleaner. Oh the tales of living in a small condo.

As you can see our dining room isn't the prettiest room but it serves it's purpose. We like our table and chairs so they will probably come with us to our next (larger) place.  


  1. Coming over from Kelly's Korner...Love the buntings on the wall! So festive!

  2. Here from Kelly's too. You're like me with the "dining space". :)

  3. Here from Kelly's Korner too- after the wedding you will have all that china and have to open the table!