Thursday, June 30, 2016

Show Us Your...Master Bedroom

This week is a little peak at our master bedroom.  It is actually a pretty good sized room if we hadn't tried to fit so much into it.

We currently have a queen sized bed, 2 dressers, a book shelf, a filing cabinet and desk sharing the space.

Forgive the lack of comforter on the bed.  They day I took this picture I was sending a picture of my new bamboo sheets to a friend hence the no comforter.

My dresser almost never has all of the drawers shut since I have just a few too many thing shoved into it but I try to keep the top organized and neat.  I have a plastic drawer set for a jewel box and a little mirror in addition to whatever seasonal decorations I have up at the moment.

We have a nice view of other people's roofs. #condoliving 

One whole wall is made up of a closet and we have a small linen closet on another wall but somehow we still end up with not enough storage space. I don't know how! Could be that I have no shortage of clothes but that is another story. Lack of storage leads to a few boxes living agains the wall instead of in some closet.

See I told you my drawers are never shut all the way. In all reality our desk is used more for piling stuff on than actually used as a desk so that is something that is likely not moving with us unless we end up somewhere with a lot of space. Doesn't seem likely in this area but a girl can dream.

Someday over the rainbow we will be living someplace with room for a king sized bed but for now our room is nice and cozy alas a little crowded.  As much as I complain about our condo being small it will always hold a special place in my heart as the first place my husband and I lived together.

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  1. Our first house will always be so special to me, even after 3 moves and 14 years! I know you will always treasure this sweet condo.