Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday...My Girlfriends

I have many wonderful girlfriends spread all over the country and the world.  Most of my girlfriends i have met though school of some sort. I have friends from elementary school (2 who I have known longer than my youngest sister has been alive), some from middle school, some from high school, a bunch from college and one from grad school.  Since they live all over the place some know each other since their paths have crossed though me and some of them I have met through other friends.  I don't see my girlfriends as often as I would like.  I really need be better about spending time with the ones that do live nearby because we all have busy lives and without the effort it can be months or years between visits. Weddings (and probably some baby showers in the future) and birthdays bring us together but we need to be better about regular everyday visits.

In addition to all my girlfriends I can't forget my sisters, cousins and my new sister in law.  They all are also a big part of my girlfriend circle and in reality (as it should be) they are the ones I get to see the most.

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