Thursday, July 14, 2016

Show Us Your Guest Room and Kids Room

Well I missed showing my kids rooms last week and this week is show us your guest room.  I have neither a guest room nor a kids room.  Actually I don't even have a child yet so I guess that part is ok for now.  When we have guests over they generally either sleep on our couch or on an air mattress in our living room.

I decided to just show a few things that I have on my "future house" Pintrest board.

Guest Room inspiration:

In case you can't tell I am a big fan of lots of pillows and fluffy duvet covers.  I would totally have either one of these as my master bedroom set too but they do lean just a tad bit feminine but it could happen.  

Baby Nursery Inspiration:

I am a huge fan of fairly gender neutral nurseries with just a splash of something more gender specific. I like blues and grey for bedrooms no matter what the gender is and the idea of being able to use a decor for more than one child is very appealing.  Not super evident here but I am also thinking a baby jungle animal themed nursery would be adorable too. There would be lots of cute baby monkeys in it obviously!

Not sure if I will ever have the right space to do this but I love the idea of having a book display in a kids room.  Kids books are so fun and colorful and it is a great way to keep them organized.

Someday we will live somewhere that has a second (and maybe third too) bedroom and I will be able to put my Pintrest board to good use.

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