Saturday, July 16, 2016

Anniversary Sale Wish List

It is that wonderful time of year again where I buy a years worth of underwear.  No, really I bought a bunch of underwear last year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have not bought any since.

The sale opened to Nordstrom card holders on Thursday so first thing Thursday morning that was the first website I visited when I woke up.  There are a few things I buy every year (underwear obviously) but I had a mental list of the things I wanted to look for.

I had decided I wanted a cross-body purse for my upcoming European honeymoon so I ordered couple to look at.

I don't need two cross body bags so once they come in the mail I will have to see which one I like better and return the other one.

I took the same strategy with coats.  I am in need of a new casual everyday coat to wear this winter and to take on my honeymoon so I ordered three options.

Option 1 but I ordered it in "Oxblood" which is like it sounds a reddish burgundy color.

Option 2 but in a lovely navy blue color.

Option 3 which I ordered in the green color shown in the picture.

I like all three coats but I am really fond of the lovely green color of the third option so I am secretly hoping that is the one that fits the best.  

I have been wearing the Wacoal sports bra for years and I knew that it generally goes on sale during the Anniversary Sale so I have been waiting to buy it on sale.  I went to look for it and this year it is only on sale in white. Hmmm not sure how I feel about a white sports bra so I ordered it and will see how it looks once it gets delivered.
I have admit I spend at least a few minutes browsing the lingerie department every time I go into Nordstrom so I had seen the Chantelle sports bra but had never taken the time to try it on.  It had looked like a bra I would like so when I saw it was on sale I decided it was a sign it was time to try it out. Most of my everyday bras are Chantelle so I have high hopes for this sports bra.  I also like that it is more of a molded cup which will be great when the weather gets colder and I need the coverage.
I went to my local store yesterday and got a few additional items and I ordered a few more things to try out and I also ordered a few things that are going to be gifts but I am saving those for another day. Once I get everything I ordered/bought I will post about what I ended up keeping and how the two sports bras stack up to each other.

Now onto the main event. A years worth of underwear! I pretty much excluseivly wear Hanky Panky thongs with the mid-rise being my absolute favorites.  They are not cheap and the mid-rise are not always available year round so I make sure I really do stock up on enough to last me until next year.

FYI: My butt does not look anything like this model's. Poor girl!

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