Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday-Home Tour

My husband and I live in one of the most expensive areas in the country so needless to say we not living in a mansion as a young newly married couple. During the last real estate downturn my very smart husband bought a one bedroom condo so that is where we currently live.  I sometimes complain about it being quite small but we really are fortunate to own something in our area. Because of the size and the fact that it only has one bedroom this is not a place we are realistically going to be staying for too much longer but this will always be our first home.

Our kitchen is a one butt kitchen but is serves its purpose.  The color of the cabinets is not great but we are not dedicated enough to bother painting it. When I first moved in we had white knobs on the cabinets but I have since replaced them with some pretty brushed silver ones.

As we have had to replace things over time we are replacing them with brushed stainless steal appliances but our trusty stove/oven is still functioning properly so it stays in its original state.

I love our dishwasher!  When I first moved in we had a dishwasher that by no means effective so we mainly used it as a drying rack.  As soon as we got a new high powered dishwasher my husband commented he wondered why he waited so long to replace the old dishwasher.  He had never had a "good" dishwasher and didn't know what he was missing.

Around the same time we bought a new dishwasher my very handy husband replaced our sink, garbage disposal and faucets.  He did a great job with it an it looks great.

Speaking of being very handy; when our coat closet had a bit of a meltdown (the whole thing fell to the floor) he rebuilt it to be better than it was before. 

As is expected in a small condo we also have a small bathroom.  We don't have a lot of bathroom storage space and I don't have any shortage of bathroom products so we have to make good use of what space we do have. These drawers have helped us store more in our one cupboard.

Our bathroom has the same yellowish cabinets that the kitchen does so I do what I can with that.

We have a little balcony patio and this year we are actually growing things on it.  Actually mostly my husband is growing things on it.  We have a couple of baby avocado trees, rosemary and basil in addition to another couple of baby fruit trees.  The thought is that by the time the trees need to be replanted we will have bought a house with a yard.

In addition to our little garden we have a little table and two chairs to sit on when the weather is nice. We also use our patio to store our bikes (that don't get ridden enough) so that takes up one side of the patio.

I have written about the other rooms in our condo in the last few months as part of another link up so hop to those posts to hear all about our living room, our dining room, our master bedroom and my future plans for a kids room/guest room.

Can't wait to see everyone else's houses and get ideas for when we have a bigger place to spread out and decorate.

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