Thursday, July 7, 2016

Stitch Fix #13

My last Stitch Fix box came the week before I left for Hawaii for my wedding so I tired it on really quickly, took pictures and mailed back what I didn't want but didn't have time to write about it.

I had put a note to the stylist that I was going to Hawaii for the wedding so she included lots of comfy dresses and dresses fit for a rehearsal dinner.  This blue dress was the only thing I ended up keeping but not because other things didn't have potential.  This dress has a comfy elastic waist and I wore it one evening while in Hawaii.

This purply pinky dress had potential when I pulled it out of the box but the little issue of me being short waisted came into play again. The waist just didn't hit me in the right spot though it was a cute dress other than that.

This dress also had great potential and I loved the idea that it was white.  If it had fit correctly it would have been great to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Short waistedness came into play again and I had the same problem with the dress that I had with the previous one. 

This pink maxi dress was cute but super long and just a bit see through so it had to go back.  At this point I have a ton of maxi dresses so if something is not special it does not make it into my closet.

The bracelet was cute but I just don't really wear bracelets on a regular basis so I decided to send it back too.

As a mentioned earlier this box came before my trip so my next box is actually schedule to come this week.  Yay! Come back next week to hear all about my next box and if you want to get your own box feel free to use my link

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