Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What's In My Bag-Show and Tell Tuesday

It is always fun to see what other women carry around in their purses so today I am showing you what is in mine as part of Show and Tell Tuesday.

I have never been one to carry a small purse and my current one is no exception.  I got this purse a few months ago and am happy with it so far. I don't change purses on a regular basis so generally my purses wear out before I move on to the next one. I admire people who change their purses out to match their outfits or the season but I just can't be one of them.

One of the big advantages and disadvantages of having a big purse it that you can fit a lot of stuff in it. My purse is never light and I am sure after I have kids it will be even heavier.  My poor shoulders.

The two big reasons my purse is generally heavy is that I have been known to carry around my bottle of water and a book.  I generally don't leave the house without both of these but you will be happy to know if I don't need them I am not opposed to leaving them in the car when I get somewhere. I love my metal water bottle and it is pretty hard to loose because my name is right there on it.

For years I didn't wear sunglasses (I know bad for my eyes) but I was super opposed to wearing those clip on sunglasses and I don't go too long without my glasses.  For years my glasses prescription changed every year so I always had to get new glasses instead of being able to use my insurance to get sunglasses. Finally a few years ago I had a year with no change so fancy prescription sunglasses made their way into my life. I used to have a fancy wallet but when I died I ran to Target to get something to hold me over until I found a new wallet and then I got lazy and never got a new fancy wallet.

I am addicted to Chapstick so I always have at least one in my bag (and one on my dresser, one on my desk, one in the living room etc) and depending on the day I have anywhere from one to ohhh ten different lipsticks in my bag.  I also have a little compact if I need to touch up my face during the day.

In the spirit of honesty in addition to all the regular purse things that live in my purse you can usually also find about a million receipts, grocery lists, to do lists and other random papers filling up my purse. I am definitely not good at throwing papers out when it is so easy to just shove them back in my purse.

Can't wait to see what other people carry around.

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  1. great post friend! so glad i found your blog through the show and tell link up today!