Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stitch Fix #12

I got another Stitch Fix box last week.  Many of the pieces had potential but I ended up sending all 5 pieces back this month.

This green tank top/camisole had potential when I pulled it out of the box. I really liked to color and while I wouldn't have been able to wear it without a jacket or a sweater I had hopes for this top. I put it on and it was immediately obvious that this shirt was too small in the chest.  My chest isn't getting any smaller anytime soon so this top had to go back.

I got a pair of colorful pants that I was not sure about when I pulled them out of the box.  They technically fit ok but they were a bit see through.  I also couldn't really see myself wearing these pants as anything but a swimsuit coverup so I sent them back.

I have a romper that I have been loving so I told the stylist I would like another romper. This romper was made of a super comfy stretchy material but was super loose in the top so again it would have had to be a pool cover up for me to wear it.  I didn't really like the ties on the shoulders so that gave me another reason to send it back.

This dress could have been cute if there had been a way to wear a bra with it and not cover up all the cute details. I really like the pattern but I also really need to wear a bra and that just wasn't going to work with this dress.

These shoes fit well and were cute but they were just to expensive to justify buying.  I just wasn't going to wear these often enough to make the price of these worth it.

I am hopeful that next month I will be in love with everything in my box. If you want your own box feel free to use my link to get one.

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