Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Personal Style

I am linking up with Show and Tell Tuesday all about my personal style.  If I were going to describe my personal style I guess I would have to call it mix of colorful and girly given the fact the majority of my closet real estate is used up by dresses.

I wear some sort of ballet flat most days though I do also have quite a high heel collection. I generally have a pair or two of black flats, a pair or two of some other neutral flats (nude, silver etc) and then a collection of fun colored/patterned flats.  

I love pretty much every length of dress there is out there other than the super short ones.  I have a butt that needs to be kept covered so super short ones are out of the question.  I love colorful patterns and have more striped dresses than I should probably admit though technically they are all different.

The other big component of my wardrobe is the ever classic cardigan.  I have cardigans in pretty much every neutral color you can think of and quite a few fun colors too. 

Another of my favorite looks is a maxi dress.  See the blue and white striped dress? Well this is one of many blue and white striped dresses I have.  I may have a problem! I don't shy away from bright colors or bold patterns but I know I look good in blue so it makes its way into my wardrobe a lot.

I do break out my jeans sometimes (more often in winter) for a change of pace and sometimes pants are really the most practical choice but I still love my dresses.

I have quite the collection of pencil skirts to wear to work so most days you will find me in some sort of dress or skirt.

When I was younger I never would have worn such a loose unstructured dress but I am kind of on a flowey dress kick at the moment and I am loving this dress that I wore to my college reunion recently.

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  1. Love all of your striped dresses...especially the one with the blue cardigan! Love your style!