Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wedding Wednesday Bridal Shower Edition

Last month, while she was home from med school on spring break, my sister threw my a fabulous Beauty and the Beast themed bridal shower.

We actually didn't plan it but my sisters and I all ended up wearing blue patterned dresses.  No family resemblance at all as you can see.  
My sister did a great job of putting all kinds of Beauty and the Beast and princess touches all over the party for decoration.  My sisters also set up a little display of photos and other things from my November wedding.  It was such a nice touch and I really appreciated it.

What is a Beauty and the Beast shower without the enchanted rose as a centerpiece?

Hard to read in this picture but as you walked in the front door there was a banner that said "Congratulations Cathy"
"Try the grey stuff it's delicious" and it was but we quickly came to realize that while the flowers were super cute unlike the grey stuff they were not delicious. Hard sugar roses look good but don't taste good.

The food at the party was delicious.  My mom made a heart shaped strawberry ice cube to put in the champaign punch.  My sister insisted that the cake topper from my bachelorette party make an appearance in the punch.
In addition to the "grey stuff" cupcakes there was chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. I may or may not have eaten multiple shortbread cookies over the course of the party.

This was a party for me so it should come as no surprise that there was quite an assortment of cheese. There were crackers and salami to balance it out but really the important part was cheese and more cheese.

For people who didn't want to drink the champaign punch, though I have no idea why you wouldn't want to, there was also iced tea and lemonade to drink. You could even make an Arnold Palmer if that was something you wanted.

After mingling and eating for a while it was time to play games.  Before the party my sister had sent my husband and I a survey to complete. She used our answers to make a little how well do you know the couple game where people had to decided who said it.  They even used Belle for me and Beast for my husband. It was super cute.
The second game was a bridal version of Taboo where you had to describe wedding related words without saying the most common words associated with it.  The team I was on ended up winning this one!

After opening presents and mingling for a little while longer people started to trickle out.  They were sent home with adorable little containers of purple and pink candy that had Belle on the container.  

My sister did a fantastic job throwing this bridal shower and my other sister did a fantastic job with the bachelorette party. I am so glad I have such wonderful sisters!

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