Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cupcakes and Cocktails (New York Part 1)

Last month I flew to New York City for a little long weekend getaway.  My sister lives in Pennsylvania so she took the train to the city to join me.  My sister is a huge cupcake fan so the theme of girls weekend was Cupcakes and Cocktails.  I took enough pictures that to avoid total picture overload I am making this post about just the cupcakes.

My sister arrived to meet me in the late afternoon so after dropping her stuff off and a little rest in the hotel room we headed out to our first cupcake shop of the trip. First stop was a standby winner in Georgetown Cupcakes! We had looked at the menu online before we went so we were prepared!

We decided on Hummingbird, Mint Chip, Key Lime Pie and some sort of Cherry something.  Don't mind the mess frosting on the mint one.  We took the cupcakes back to the hotel to eat after dinner and we managed to knock that one over but don't fret it still tasted good. All four of these were delicious so I can't remember if one of them was my overall favorite.

Friday our cupcake stop was Two Little Red Hens Bakery. This was a bakery that neither of us had been to before so we were excited to try something new.  This bakery was very small but everything in the display case looked delicious.

They had both full size cupcakes and mini cupcakes.  We opted to have mini cupcakes so we could try more flavors.

We ended up getting Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate, Vanilla with Sprinkles, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Carrot Cake cupcakes.  These cupcakes were good but because they were mini cupcakes they were a little dry.  Eating them on the steps on the Met didn't hurt though!

Saturday morning we tried another new (to us) shop called Prohibition Bakery.

In case you can't read that sign yes it does say Boozy Cupcakes and no it isn't just in the batter so it does not cook out!  Alcoholic cupcakes! Yes please! Despite the drizzly weather it was worth the trip to find this place.

The door to the shop is sunken just below ground level so we actually managed to walk by it the first time.  We only walked about a block past it before we realized we had passed it so not too much backtracking was necessary.  Love the Sure sign saying they were open.
With a menu of seven mini boozy cupcakes there was no doubt we would be ordering all seven flavors to try.

Their menu changes daily but on the day were were there they had Pretzels & Beer, Carbomb, Old Fashioned, Pimm's Cup, Margarita, Birthday Cake and Bee's Knees.

We decided to go daring and get a dozen cupcakes since they were so small and cute. The put the little decorations on the cupcakes to order so there was no issues with the little cucumbers drying out or the pretzel getting soggy from the frosting.  They were all good but I think my favorite one might have been the Pimm's Cup. We bought these first thing in the morning and took them back to our hotel and ate them for snack that afternoon.

Saturday was big cupcake day for us.  Instead of just getting cupcakes from one bakery we ended up getting cupcakes from two!  We had walked by a Baked by Melissa cupcake store earlier in the trip when walking through Times Square so since we were in the vicinity when headed back to our hotel we decided to stop in and get some cupcakes.

Baked by Melissa also made mini cupcakes so again we ended up getting a dozen mini cupcakes.  When I say these cupcakes are mini I am not joking around.  These cupcakes were the most mini mini cupcakes I have ever seen. They were so small they didn't even bother to put them in cupcake paper.

I don't remember all the flavors we got but I know one was PB&J and another was Chocolate Chip Pancakes (which tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough). We got some fun rainbow ones with sprinkles but overall this shop was our least favorite of the trip.  Not bad tasting just nothing special.

Sunday was our last day in the city before going our separate ways. We started off our day thinking we would get cupcakes at Magnolia but when we got there it was chaotic and none of the flavors spoke to us so we headed to Buttercup Bake Shop instead.  My sister went to college in NYC and this was her favorite cupcake place when she lived there and as usual it did not disappoint.

We had both eaten so many cupcakes that weekend and it was before lunch so we took our cupcakes to go. I got 2 for me and 4 to share at work.  My two were Chunky Monkey and Hummingbird while I took more basic vanilla and chocolate ones with pretty sprinkles to work.

The cupcakes were a hit at work though I can say after the trip in my carryon bag they did not look nearly this pretty by the time my coworkers go them.

Now that I have devoted an entire post to the cupcake part of our cupcakes and cocktails weekend you will have to come back next week to see what we did besides eat cupcakes.  I promise we did a lot more than eat cupcakes!

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