Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ten Year Reunion

Not sure how this happened but this past weekend was my 10 year college reunion. I am pretty sure I just graduated but alas 10 years seems to have passed. I got up early Friday morning and my husband dropped me off at the rental car place since I decided to drive a rental car to Southern California instead of taking my 13 year old car on that drive. I hit the road and made good time all the way down to my midway stop in Lost Hills for gas and bathroom (and gummy worms) before continuing on. I continued to make good time and hit no traffic until I hit Pasadena. Why must their always be traffic in Pasadena??

I made it through the traffic and arrived at my first destination.  What is a trip to Claremont without a stop at Patty's for some delicious potato tacos? A friend of mine was also driving down to Claremont on Friday so we timed it to arrive at about the same time so we could meet for lunch.  I am already craving those tacos again!

After lunch I headed to my hotel to check in and change my clothes before heading to campus for the evenings activities.

Back at campus I got all checked in and was given a fancy lanyard/name tag thing to wear for the weekend.  They put Catherine but at least the 10th reunion tag was purple.

The first event of the evening was a wine tasting on the lawn.  Good friends, good wine and some good cheese made for a great start to the evening. The weather was perfect so I was able to wear my new trapeze dress with my trusty wedges. After the wine tasting I headed off to a dinner dance at the president's house. I was having too much fun to take pictures but that might be a good thing to protect the innocents on the dance floor.

After a good nights sleep I headed back to campus and went on a tour of the new dorm they are building.  It is still very much under construction so it wasn't actually a tour but more of a talk about the new dorm.  They are calling this new dorm the "New Dorm" but the previous newest dorm was still unnamed when I started school so my classmates and I decided this dorm should be called "The New New Dorm" instead.

After the tour I wandered around campus for a while, went to some speeches and then headed to lunch. This was the dorm I lived in my senior year of college.  Pretty right? 

After lunch I had some more free time so I headed to the Rose Garden.  Every year the graduating class decorates a portion of the wall with a picture and their names commemorating their time at Scripps.

My grandmother graduated from Scripps so I decided to climb into the plants to take a selfie with her name. I love seeing her name on the wall where I spent four fabulous years!

At the end of this row of orange trees is the dorm I lived in my junior year. Every time I go to visit Scripps I am reminded of just how pretty it is.

I spent the rest of the afternoon splitting my time between wandering around campus with my classmates and relaxing catching up with classmates.  I went to college with some very impressive women who have been doing some amazing things over the last ten years.

That evening there was a cocktail hour with delicious appetizers followed by a dinner. Dinner was good but the highlight was getting to spend time and catch up with my classmates.

This is Scripps so there is always no shortage of food especially dessert so I figured it was only fitting to take a picture of my dessert.

Before dinner each class met up to take a class photo.  Not everyone who was there was able to get to the photo location but this a good portion of the people from my class who came to the reunion. If you are looking for me I am kind of center right in my fabulous romper.

After I fabulous weekend I headed home Sunday morning inspired and with grand plans to come back for my fifteen year reunion to see what everyone is up to in another five years.

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