Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Wrap Up

Another Christmas (and birthday) has come and gone. Since there are 12 days of Christmas with Christmas day only being the first day of Christmas I am leaving my decorations up for another week or so but the actual holiday has passed.

My husband and I spend a lovely Christmas Eve with his family and managed to not take a single picture. After an early morning workout to counteract all that I would be eating over the next few days we headed over to my brother in law and sister in law's house for a brunch of filipino breakfast foods.  We spent the afternoon playing games and after dinner we opened gifts. We did a secret santa with my husband's family so it was fun to give the gifts to the person I drew. Our tree looked so pretty with all the presents under it before we set our to give them to our families.
After dinner and presents on Christmas Eve we drove down to my parent's house so we could wake up there on Christmas morning. I didn't take any pictures of their tree before we opened presents but I got myself and my sisters new flannel pajamas to lounge in all day. We exchanged presents with my family, had breakfast and relaxed a bit before it was time to prepare for Christmas dinner.

My mom and her two siblings take turns hosting Christmas dinner so it is only at my parents' house every third year. This year was a year they were hosting so we all got voluntold to help set up. My husband and I set the tables and then helped my sister fold the napkins into fancy tree shapes. Thank you YouTube! Everyone was very impressed with the fancy napkins and with three people folding them they actually didn't take too long.

I rounded up my sisters before everyone got there to take a sisters photos.  I decided to go comfy this year and wore a very flowy dress with a cutout in the back. I thought about wearing a belt but decided against it.

We always have prime rib and Yorkshire pudding along with some sort of vegetable for Christmas dinner. Since my birthday is on Christmas there is always birthday cake of some sort, candles and singing as part of Christmas dinner.

We always have 2 trifles for dessert.  One version is high octane that most people eat and the other is low octane for those who don't want as much alcohol (or in the past were far under 21). For New Year's Eve with my husband's family I am trying my hand at not only a trifle but a prime rib and Yorkshire pudding so wish me luck. I have seen all of this made many many times and sort of helped make some of it but have never made any of it on my own.

In addition to the trifle since it is my birthday I always get to pick something to be my birthday cake. I am not a huge cake fan so I always pick some sort ice cream cake/pie.  This pie is layers of coffee ice cream, crushed chocolate cookies, sliced almonds, crushed Heath bars and chocolate sauce.

After a lovely Christmas we were exhausted and everyone in the house headed to bed early. The next morning I had a lovely breakfast of leftover ice cream pie and eggnog!  We met a couple of my cousins for lunch before packing up and heading back home to prepare to head back to work on Tuesday.

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