Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello Fresh Review

In my quest to try all of the available meal prep delivery services my second round of recipes came from Hello Fresh. I again tried this company for three weeks so I got a total of nine meals.

The first meal I tried was the parmesan crusted cod with carrots and potatoes on the side. This dish was absolutely delicious and something I would absolutely make again.  I don't cook much fish but this dish was super easy and seemed pretty fool proof.

These sesame chicken noodles were also delicious.  They had a peanut butter based sauce that was really good and easy to make.  If I were to make this again (which I totally would) I would swap out regular noodles for whole wheat ones and add some extra veggies but keep the sauce exactly the same.

This beef chili was decent but nothing special.  Chili is something I make fairly regularly and while there was nothing wrong with it I can't say it is a recipe I would make again.

The second week started out with the peppercorn steak with creamed kale and roasted potatoes. The sauce was delicious and the kale was just creamy enough to be good without being heavy at all.  Could easily see myself making this again.

This brie and fig jam grilled cheese with a side of arugula and mushroom salad was a nice light dinner.  I liked that the sandwich was on wheat bread.

This chicken with dukkah spices was not at all a bland chicken breast. The chicken ended up nice and moist and the sides were good.  I had never cooked with dukkah spice so this was something new for me.

The third week started out with another chicken dish. This time it was a chicken breast with a gremolata, roasted potatoes and an arugula salad.  All of it was good but the gremolata was the best part.

This penne dish was fine but nothing special.  I make better pasta dishes on my own so I wasn't really impressed with this one.

I managed to make this Italian wedding soup on a cold and rainy day which made it even better.  The meatballs in it kind of fell apart when cooking it (I may have stirred it too much) but it didn't effect the taste at all.

  • It was nice to only have the ingredients I needed for a recipe and not to have to buy a whole bottle of something I will only use once.
  • Made me cook things out of my comfort zone and use ingredients I don't normally use but I feel like the ingredients weren't quite as out of my comfort zone as with Blue Apron.
  • There were 6 meals to choose from and I could choose any 3 without restrictions.
  • As I said in the pros there were not as many ingredients I had never used/had never heard of. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it will make these recipes easier to recreate but didn't push me as much to try new things.
The cost of Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are within a few cents of each other so in that regard they are equal.

Come back in a couple of weeks to see what I thought of Plated.

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