Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stitch Fix #22

The minute I opened this Stitch Fix box I knew it was going go be a good box. The colors and patterns in this box looked like they were right up my ally.

The first piece I tried on was this cute black and white striped/polka dot top.  It fit well and was very comfy but I have multiple other flowy striped shirts so I decided to send it back. If it was something I didn't already have multiples of I would definitely have kept it.

This dress had a cute pattern and fit well but it was just an inch or two too short to be appropriate to wear to work so I had to send this one back too.

I love a good maxi dress but maxi skirts tend to be hit or miss.  I like the pattern on this one but the fit wasn't quite right.  The way the stripes hit at the waist it made me look like I had a bit too much tummy.

This maxi dress was cute and the fit was okay but it wasn't anything special so I didn't keep this one either.

I knew the minute I saw this jacket that if it fit as well as I hoped it would than this one was joining my closet. I love the color and the fit was great. This looks great over dress or with a t-shirt and jeans and is a perfect spring weight. Expect a lot of pictures of me wearing this jacket over the next few months.

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