Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Top 5 Favorite Pictures

I am linking up with Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesday and showing my top 5 favorite pictures.  Rather than try and pick 5 pictures from my whole life I decided to pick my 5 favorite pictures of me and my husband.

This was the first Christmas we were together.  I knew my mom had bought my sisters and I new fun flannel pajamas so I made my then boyfriend a pair of flannel pajama pants to go with us.  This was the first time my sisters had really gotten to spend much time with my husband so it was fun to see them all start to develop a relationship.

This was my graduation from grad school.  This is the picture that make me go "oh we look so young".  We had only been together about 6 weeks when this was taken and this was the weekend my parents first met my husband.  We knew our relationship was something special but he was still nervous about meeting my parents.  Obviously it all worked out in the end.

We never got around to scheduling professional engagement pictures so we ended up asking my very talented and wonderful cousin to take some pictures of us at the winery she works at. I love the way this one turned out and we ended up using it for our Save the Date cards.

I can't find an electronic copy of my favorite picture from our California wedding but I do also love this one of us the Christmas after we got married. While our wedding was wonderful it had been hard couple of months with my mother in law passing away a week before Christmas so we were glad to know things were coming to an end.

I love pretty much every picture from our wedding in Hawaii so choosing one was hard. This is the one that I have at my desk to look at everyday. I loved everything about this day and even though we had gotten married in a smaller ceremony 6 months before this it still was magical to walk down the aisle and see him waiting there for me.

I am sure over time I will add many more to this collection of favorite photos but I think these will always be some of my favorites.

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  1. These are great! You guys make a beautiful couple!