Monday, May 8, 2017

Week (end) Wrap Ups

After a rainy winter here in the bay area the sun has come out and spring has sprung.

Last Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day and my office likes to go all out. This year theme was "You are a Lifesaver" so it was kind of cruise ship/ocean themed.

They even covered up the big windows in our conference room to make it look like the ocean with fishies swimming in it.

There were all kinds of fun props to use to take pictures and I never pass up a good photo op!

The party was held during lunch time so of course lunch was provided.  We had a make your own burrito/taco salad bar and it was delicious.  All that was missing was a make your own margarita bar but since this was a work event we had to do without margaritas sadly.

Since Easter was over and weather was so nice I decided to decorate my house for spring.  I really just took down anything that was specifically Easter and put up more things with flowers on it.  I put a really cute tablecloth on our dining table that just makes the whole room look so colorful.

Last weekend was quite warm so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head to a German restaurant downtown for dinner Sunday night. Sunday was pleasantly warm but the rest of the week was just outrageously warm!

Great thing about being able to take the lightrail to downtown from our condo is that no one has to be the designated driver.  German beers for all! After enjoying our beers on the patio we ordered some dinner and then we still had a bit of room in our stomaches so dessert.  Dinner was good but dessert was amazing.  My husband had an apple strudel and I had some sort of rhubarb tart thing that was super good.

The weather finally cooled down at the end of this week just in time to head down to Salinas for my uncle's surprise party.  I was excited to get to wear a fun dress that I had bought to be my Easter dress a few weeks ago.

I didn't take many pictures at the actual party (we were having too much fun) but the decorations were all about fishing.  My cousins and aunt did a great job planning the party.

Even though the party was for my uncle his actual birthday was a few days ago but my mom's actual birthday was that day.  It was nice to be able to see my mom (and dad) on her birthday and we will be heading down to Salinas again next weekend for mother's day and to see my little sister while she is home from school.

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