Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

It is time for a What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week:  I have been trying out various meal prep kit services since the beginning of the year.  Last week I ordered a box from Marley Spoon and cooked the last meal from that box last night.  It was a Beef and Mushroom Stir Fry with Grains and it was delicious.  I have found that many of these kits say they make 2 servings but actually make 3 so I have leftovers for lunch the next day. A couple of weeks ago we had a game night at my brother in law and sister in law's house.  We all decided to make a taco bar for dinner so in addition to our portion of the food I brought along some Jalapeno Limeade to make margaritas.  If you like slightly spicy and margaritas run, don't walk, to Trader Joe's and get some of this drink!


What I'm reminiscing about: 
I am reminiscing about my last few trips to Disneyland.  I have gone twice this year so far and had a blast both times.  Disneyland is generally hot and crowded starting Memorial Day weekend until kids start to go back to school so I am not planning on making a summer trip.  I guess my good memories will have to tide me over until I can go back in the fall.

What I'm loving: I am loving our weather at the moment. We have had a couple of very hot days this spring but as a whole the weather has been perfect.  I will continue to enjoy our nice 75 degree days as long as they last!

What we've been up to:
We had a nice quiet holiday weekend and spent most of it at home but we did stop by our local food truck meet up after work on Friday to pick up some dinner and dessert.  Despite the fact the ice cream looks like the nasty blue bubble gum ice cream we all ate as kids in reality it was a fantastic flavor called Cookie Monster.  It was cookie pieces in vanilla ice cream that had been made blue to look like Cookie Monster!

What I'm dreading: I am not really dreading anything at the moment though I am always dreading cleaning my house since no matter how many times I clean it it just doesn't stay clean. I just cleaned and reorganized my bookshelf this past weekend so I am to keep that organized!

What I'm working on: I am working on eating healthy and continuing to go to the gym consistently now that my foot has pretty much healed. I am finally starting to see my body getting stronger though I have not really lost much weight. This week I have been really focusing on my food since I am doing a pretty good job with the whole move more thing.

What I'm excited about:
 I am excited to enjoy a fairly quiet summer.  Last summer was super busy with wedding planning and then honeymoon planning but this year we don't have any big trips planned. I am sure we will still take a few day trips and I have a girls day at the Giants game planned with my sister in law and niece planned so that should be fun.

What I'm watching/reading: A couple of weeks ago I started watching Call the Midwife on Netflix and am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I am on season 2 already and am pretty sure I am going be done with all the seasons in the next few weeks.

What I'm listening to: Mostly whatever comes on my Pandora which is usually a mix of country and a random mix of 90s-00s pop music.  Everyone needs some Britney in their life every once in a while.

What I'm wearing: This time of year (ok really all year) I am all about comfortable dresses. I bought this dress to wear for Easter and as soon as I wore it the first time it became a regular part of my wardrobe. 

Favorite Vacation Spot: This is such a hard question.  I love Disneyland and love going to visit various places in Europe and all over the US but sometimes it is nice to just have a vacation where you go and sit on a beach. Sometimes a go and sit vacation instead of a go and do vacation is just nice.  My favorite place to go and sit has to be Hawaii.  

Happy Wednesday!

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