Monday, May 15, 2017

Stitch Fix #23

Another month another fun Stitch Fix box. This box came right before my latest trip to Disneyland (post on that coming up later in the week) so I asked for some things that I would wear to the park.

In addition to park appropriate wear (which this is obviously not) I always ask for work appropriate clothing too so this is what was sent for that.  It doesn't look that cute all spread out on the bed but on me it is adorable.  The full skirt and defined waist are very flattering on me so I kept this one.

This one I was on the fence about keeping.  The navy color was great and the lace detailing is adorable but the lace didn't have any stretch to it.  Without stretch in the lace it pulled just a little around my hips so I ended up sending it back.

I loved the color and the comfy fabric of this causal dress.  It would have been a perfect casual dress if it had been about 2 inches longer.  It technically covered everything but I would have had to be way too careful wearing it for me to want to keep it.

I knew the minute I saw these in the box that I would not be keeping them.  I don't need clothing that comes with holes already in them. Even without the holes the fit of these shorts was not good so I wouldn't have kept them anyway.

This picture doesn't quite do this shirt justice in terms of color but in real life it was a very pretty pale mint green.  The shirt was a great color and fit well but I the eyelet fabric it was made of was see through.  If it had come with a matching mint green camisole I would have kept it in a heartbeat.
My next box arrives this week but if you want your own fun Stitch Fix box you can get one here

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  1. That first dress looks like it would be adorable and flattering. Thanks for sharing the items with us.