Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Stitch Fix #26

I am a little behind (yes, again) on my Stitch Fix recaps so this one is from earlier in the summer.

I asked for some comfy shorts to wear for the summer and this is the pair they sent me. The color was cute and they were nice and light weight but the elastic waist kind of made them look a little too much like pajama shorts so I ended up sending them back.

This grey shirt had a fun detail on the back but was nothing special so I ended up sending it back too.

The pattern on this dress was cute but it was super short and was tight on my hips so it had to go back too.

People always think wrap dresses should fit me (and maybe they should) but they just never lay right on me. This one was way to big in the top and I wasn't crazy about the brown color either so this too went back.

I wasn't crazy about this necklace so I sent it back.  It was a choker and a long necklace in one which was kind of confusing.

I didn't end up keeping anything from this box but it was still fun to get clothes in the mail to try on! If you want your own box head over to the Stitch Fix website to sign up.

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  1. Sorry your box was a bust, but it is fun to get a package of clothes in the mail. Happy Weekend!