Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Before

I mentioned last week that we are moving!  After we got the keys last week we were so busy measuring things that I didn't take any pictures of our new place.  Saturday we started taking things over but before we brought anything in I took a few pictures of the place empty.

The living room:

Not totally sold on the curtains but they came with the place.  I am planning to take them down and put up something else but I will wait until we get a new couch to do that.  Behind the curtains is a sliding glass door that leads to our patio which I didn't take a picture of.  Good news about the patio is we are allowed to have a barbecue on it so grilling is in our future.

Dining Room:

Second bedroom:

Not the largest bedroom but should fit a twin bed nicely and hopefully some other furniture will be joining this room eventually.

Master Bedroom:

What you can't see from this picture is that I am standing in the doorway and the doorway has double doors.  The room is very much a rectangle but should fit all of the furniture we plan to put in there without any trouble.

Master closet:

I can never have enough closet space but we will make it work.  Norman can always put some of his stuff in the second bedroom closet...



Super excited about the kitchen!  More than one person can fit in this kitchen at one time and there are so many more cupboards than our current kitchen. I finally get to use all of our wedding presents in my new kitchen.

We cleaned our our storage locker this weekend and took all that stuff over so slowly but surely we will be moving in over the next few weeks.

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