Thursday, July 6, 2017

Weekend and 4th of July

I have to say that having a holiday on a Tuesday kind of throws thing off for the whole week.  While a lot of people took the 3rd off to make it into a 4 day weekend I didn't have any grand plans for the 4th so I worked on Monday.

Friday after work the husband and I headed home from work and were looking forward to a nice quiet night at home after a long week but our neighbors had other plans for us.  We live on the second floor of a condo complex and share a landing with another condo.  We went up the stairs to head inside and there was painters tape blocking the top of the stairway.  Our neighbor rents out his condo and the renters had recently moved out so he had been doing some work on the condo. As part of this work apparently he (or his property management company) decided that the landing needed to be painted.  Ummmm painting a shared landing without telling the other people who you share a landing with is not a good idea! There was no one around and we didn't want to risk walking on wet paint so we went over to the food trucks and had dinner before venturing into our house.  Good food but not quite what we had planned for the evening!

Saturday after the gym I headed up to a few towns north of me to meet up with a friend, her fiancee and her mom to do some shopping. We were shopping for her wedding sari! California has a couple of freeways that I just hate and of course I ended up having to take one of them.  This freeway is extra narrow and always seems to have traffic no matter when I am on it.  It is noon on a Saturday. Why is there traffic?!?!?!? Either way I sat in some traffic and then arrived to help with the shopping.  She picked out the most beautiful sari and I can't wait to see her all done up at the wedding in October.

Sunday I declared war on my kitchen cabinets!  I pulled all the food out of all of my cabinets, put it on a sheet on my living room floor and then with the help of my husband we put it all back in a logical order.  We threw out expired food, wiped down things that had leaked and put everything back in a manner that makes it much easier to find everything.

Tuesday I woke up and put on my best red, white and blue workout clothes to head to the gym. Before and after selfies!  Looking super glamorous in my patriotic hat after class.

Since we were heading back to work again the next day we decided to stay home and have a quiet 4th of July.  We are not allowed to have an actual BBQ in our complex so we made do with out cast iron grill pan to cook some hot dogs for dinner.  Add a little bit of watermelon and it almost feels like we were at a BBQ. When it got dark we headed outside to the street where we are able to see multiple fireworks shows in the area. The view is a little bit blocked by trees but it is still a pretty good view.

Even with working on Monday it almost felt like a 3 day weekend!

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