Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Decorations

A couple of weeks ago I finally took down my Christmas decorations.  Our cute little condo just looked so naked after having it all decorated for Christmas for the last month that I had to do something to decorate it.  I thought about doing something generically wintery for a few weeks with snowflakes and silver and blue colors (since we all know the Bay Area is so wintery) but I decided to just jump right into Valentine's Day.

My Valentine's Day Centerpiece
I have this wooden bowl/cake stand thing that sits in the middle of our eating table that is perfect to decorate for every season and/or holiday.  I have had this bowl since this past summer and it has already held gourds during the fall and a variety of round glass Christmas ornaments.  I may or may not be already planning what to put in it for all the other seasons of the year.  I found a sparkly heart garland but there really wasn't anywhere in our condo to hang it without it taking over an entire wall. It ended up looking really good in my wooden bowl draped around a white pillar candle.

Door to our washer/dryer closet
 I wasn't sure if this heart wreath would survive on the outside of our front door so I decided to put it on the door to our laundry so I would be able to see it all the time.

Don't mind the messy counters!

 These cute towels brighten up our kitchen and they are useful too!

Hooo do you love?
I found this little Valentine's owl at Target the other day and thought he would be the perfect addition to my decoration collection.  Someday when I have a mantle he will be able to hang out there but for now he is sitting on our wine cabinet along with a random collection of other things.

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