Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites Undergarment Edition

Linking up today with Andrea at Momfessionals for my Friday Favorite on one of my favorite topics.
Time to Talk About Undergarments!

As many of you know I worked in a lingerie department for years so it only makes sense that I am slightly passionate about my undergarment choices.  I don't have just one favorite bra but I definitely have a favorite brand of underwear.  

Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong
Almost any day of the week under pretty much any outfit you can find me in some version of a Hanky Panky thong.  Most of the time I wear the low rise thong since I am super short waisted so they are actually not as low as you would think.  When I am wearing a dress and not wearing tights with it I do sometimes wear my original rise version for a little more coverage in case my dress takes a cue from Marilyn Monroe's.  The retro thong is also a great alternative under dresses or dress pants that gives just a little bit of tummy smoothing without digging in anywhere.  I do wear non-thong underwear every once in a while but then I remember that all underwear turn into a thong on my butt anyway so I might as well just start with the thong in the first place.

As much as I do love underwear I can't leave out bras.  I cannot stress enough how much it is so important to wear the right size bra.  So many woman wear the wrong size bra and it causes so many problems.  Problems ranging from your clothing not fitting as well to back problems from not enough support to it not supporting your breast tissue well which can lead to premature sagging.   If you have never been professionally fit for a bra please let this be my public service announcement (PSA) to you!  Go and get fit for a bra and you won't regret it!!!

I love the Wacoal sports bra and almost all Chantelle bras along with Natori Feathers but what bras work well for people really depends on so many factors it is hard to say what works well for one person may not works the same magic for another

PSA again!  Get fit for a bra to make sure you are wearing the correct size!


  1. I've heard such rave reviews about Hanky Panky! I must give them a try! Stopping by from Friday Favorites! XO

    1. They are great! Totally worth the money especially when you buy a little at a time when they go on sale. Thanks for stopping by!