Monday, February 2, 2015

A Little Bit of Wedding

I got engaged on Christmas Eve at the church I grew up in with my parents and sisters looking on.  It was just perfect and I was totally surprised since I thought he would propose either Christmas morning or on New Year's Eve.

First kiss as an engaged couple!

Now that I am officially engaged I get to plan a wedding!  We are not getting married until the Summer of 2016 so we (and I mean mostly I) have about 18 months to plan this thing.  Having so much time to plan is going to be a blessing, but also a curse.  Sometimes I feel like I have so much time that I can't plan certain things yet but I want to make the big decisions sooner rather than later.  The sooner I make the big decisions like date and place I can then start planning the stuff little girls dream of like dresses and food and decorations.

In terms of all the small details my fiance is pretty chill about all of it and has said he is perfectly happy to stay out of all the little planning unless I really want him to help.  I think he would prefer me to just tell him where to show up, but that is not happening.  To make sure we were on the same page for the big stuff and the things I actually am making him have an opinion on we have set aside time to have Wedding Meetings complete with agendas and minutes.  Laugh all you want we both have MBAs and it is working for us.  Along with being The Queen of Everything I am also the bride so I get to be the chair of these meetings!  

We had a meeting last weekend and assigned each of us topics that needed further research and are meeting again in a month to report back.  One of his big things is that he wants to get married in a church so that is his research project.  I am doing research on photographers to take engagement photos (we are aiming to get them done in June) so if anyone has suggestions in the Bay Area or Salinas/Monterey area of good photographers or good locations I am all ears!  

More details to come in the coming months...

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