Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Have You Been Watching?

My fiance and I don't have the most similar tastes in television but we have found a few shows that we both enjoy.  Since we don't have cable we never watch them on the day they actually air but between Hulu and Netflix we only have to wait one day.

I love all kinds of "dramatic" shows as my fiance calls them.  I like things like The Biggest Loser, Project Runway, The Challenge and Survivor and as much as he swears he thinks they are too dramatic he generally knows all the contestants names by the end of the season, so he can't hate them that much.  Ok actually I usually watch Project Runway on my laptop with earphones to save him from that one.

What we watch together:
I used to live with my cousin and she turned me onto this show.  She went to college in Portland and always knew a lot of the places they filmed the show.  My fiance loves this show and is always asking if there is a new episode to watch.  You would think he would learn what day of the week it aired but he never bothers to remember.

My fiance is a big Marvel fan so it only made sense for us to watch this one.

We were in Southern California over Thanksgiving and my future brother-in-law and I were talking about shows we watched and he thought we would enjoy this one so we gave it a try.  We watched the whole first season on Netflix in about two weeks and then got caught up on the current season just in time for new episodes to begin again this week.  We are hooked.

When there are no new episodes of the shows I watch or when I am puttering around at home cooking or blogging I tend to watch a whole series on Netflix or Hulu.  I watched all of Top Chef this fall and have been watching all the old seasons of The Amazing Race recently.  I watch the current seasons of these shows too but it is still fun to watch all the previous seasons too.

Any recommendations on new things to watch?

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