Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello Monday! You are not my favorite day of the week but I will make the best of it with a recap of my weekend.

Friday night I came home from work with my fiance and had a nice quiet evening at home.  It was windy and raining so the was a perfect way to spend the evening. I was going to cook something for dinner but we ended up just having some hummus and pita chips while watching a new episode of Blacklist.  I spent the whole episode holding my breath or speculating about the plot twists but that is pretty normal for me.  I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't watched it but it was a good episode!

I woke up fairly early for a Saturday to head down to Pacific Grove to get my hair done.  I know I know yes that is a bit of a drive (a little over an hour) just to get my hair done but I love my hairdresser and I usually try to combine my appointment with something else down there.  I forgot to take a picture of my hair on Saturday after I got it done but here is a day old/slept on picture of my hair.  I am growing my hair out so I have lots of options for my wedding but I still have to get it trimmed to keep it looking fabulous!

I met one of my sisters for lunch at the mall in Monterey before heading back home.  Yay for sister time!  Saturday night I was giving myself a bit of a panic attack because my eye had been hurting all day and I was worried it was something serious since it was really hurting by the end of the day.  I woke up Sunday to my eye feeling much better.  Crisis averted.

Sunday I had a lovely morning lazing in bed listening to the rain outside my window and talking to one of my best friends on the phone.  I eventually got up and got dressed to go look at an open house with my fiance.  More details on that if it becomes anything...

After the open house I dragged my fiance (ok he actually volunteered) on my typical Sunday afternoon errands to such exciting places such as Target and Trader Joe's.  He stayed in the car while  I shopped in Trader Joe's but decided to come into Target with me.  We only came out of Target with a few things that were not on the list.  He is not allowed to shop alone (especially at Costco) because he would come out with random things we don't need and not get everything on the list.  Once in a while he comes shopping with me but our budget is much happier when I shop alone.  

My manager at work had a birthday on Saturday and in our office we like to have a little afternoon desert to celebrate birthdays.  There are a little over 30 people in my office so that leads to at least one birthday almost every week.  Sometimes the desert is store bought and sometimes it is home made.  I volunteered to make something and here is what I ended up with..

Summer Berry Pie

Thin Mint Ice Cream Pie

Eating a piece of one of these pies should brighten anyone's Monday!  Happy Monday!

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