Friday, February 27, 2015

Favorite Moments of the Week

I started my job nine months ago and there is a nine month probation period so today is my last day of probation.  Woohooo!  Permanent employee status here I come! Monday I get my official business cards and name plate for my desk.
A few weeks ago my fiance got a promotion that goes into effect on Monday so coincidently today is his last day in his old position too.  He is not changing departments or anything quite that dramatic but he will have a new job title and a new type of work to do.  Woohoo!
We are celebrating tonight by going out to dinner and I am so excited.

My other favorite thing from this week was attending the annual Have a Heart for Students Auction at Cal State Monterey Bay.  When I lived a little closer I was on the committee that helped plan the auction but now I am just able to go down the day of to help set up.

My mom is the head of the committee this year so my fiance and I headed down Saturday morning to help her and the rest of the committee get the silent auction set up.  This year the event was in the university library so that was kind of cool.  After set up we headed to my parent's house to rest for a bit and then got all dressed up.  

Along with my parents one of my sisters and a couple of my aunts and uncles were at the auction so we had a good time catching up with everyone and talking about wedding plans.  We bit on lots of stuff during the silent auction but ended up winning a silver ring and six bottles of wine.  We didn't bit on anything during the live auction but my dad did manage to win one of the live auction items.

We don't have anything quite as exciting planned for this weekend but our dishwasher is scheduled to be delivered and that is all the excitement I need.  Yay for not having to hand-wash all the dishes anymore!

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