Friday, February 6, 2015

Clothing Basics-Friday Favorites

Now that you know all about my undergarments it seemed only appropriate to share some of my other favorite things to wear.   These are things I either buy over and over again or like so much I have bought multiple of.

Friday Favorites

Despite being super short waisted I usually like to wear a cami under my sweaters and thinner shirts just for the extra layer of coverage and length.  This is a cami I buy over and over again.  It comes is tons of colors depending on the season but I go back and buy the same four colors over and over again.  I buy it in white, off white (they call it Whisper White), navy and black.  I have it in a grey and a pretty emerald green and while I wear them I don't have multiples of those colors.  I have at least 2 of each of my basic colors and as soon as one starts to near its retirement age (a year or two for the dark colors and a bit less for the whites) I immediately buy a replacement.
Clean Cami at The Loft

If I am not at the gym I am almost always in some sort of ballet flat.  These are one of my two favorite shoes at the moment.  The other is a pair of cute shiny silver flats.  I don't know how but I always manage to walk through my flats in about 6 months of wear so I am constantly on the hunt for a new pair of flats.  I try to always have at least one black pair in my rotation along with a neutral color (like nude or silver) that goes with everything.  Once I have have those two colors set the more fun and/or sparkly the better!  A couple of times I have actually found little ballet flats covered in glitter.

These leggings are not just for working out!  They are great for holding everything in while working out but in the winter I wear them as often out of the gym as I do in the gym.  They work really with long tunic type shirts and boots or under dresses that are just a smidge too short to wear to work alone.  I love that they are thick enough not to be see through since as much as I love underwear I don't need the whole world seeing mine.
Zella Live in Legging at Nordstrom

These hair bows are a newish favorite of mine.  They are from an Etsy shop called Ruby Blue and the colors and styles they come in changes daily depending on her supply.  They come in sizes all the way from infant to adult and they have saved me from many bad hair days.  I know wearing a giant bow on your head may not be everyone's style but I think they are kind of fun and quirky.
You wouldn't know it from the pictures in this post but I promise I do wear lots of different colors!  I guess it makes sense that my basics are of a more neutral color palette.  Happy dressing!

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