Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites-Healthier Food Options Part 1

With a trip to Hawaii and going wedding dress shopping coming up in May I have been trying the time old philosophy of eat less and move more to prepare for these occasions.  Ok that and doing Weight Watchers online too for a little added help.

Here are a few of my favorite things that have been helping me on this journey

I am at a desk much of the day and blueberries are something that are easy to snack on while at my desk that are healthy and don't make a mess.  It doesn't hurt that I love them!
Coconut Water
Another easy thing to take work are these coconut waters.  They have just enough flavor and calories that they actually stop me from being hungry while waiting for it to be lunch time.  They are defiantly best cold but thankfully my office has a refrigerator.  The first time I bought these my fiance asked if he could have one and of course I said sure.  He tasted it and said it tasted like it was fermented.  I shrugged my shoulders and told him it was ok if he didn't like it.  Apparently fermented must be a good taste because now when I go shopping I have to buy extras because he keeps drinking them.

 These are another easy snack to eat at work that isn't messy.  I buy them frozen and put some in a little tupperware and put them in my work refrigerator.  By the time I want to eat them in the afternoon they are defrosted and delicious.
Greek yogurt
 Anyone who knows me knows I like Mexican food.  I have been replacing sour cream with greek yogurt for years in my homemade tacos and chilis and I don't even notice the difference. It is lower in calories and higher in protein than sour cream so it just makes sense.
I have a few more favorite healthier food options but I decided rather than make this post a million miles long I will split it up into two posts.  Come back next Friday for part 2 of this post.  I might even share how much weight I have lost so far...

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