Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Favorites

I love the idea of fall and cooler weather and all the holidays that are approaching as fall progresses.  One thing I tend to forget is that while the idea of fall and cooler weather are nice I live in a place that tends to have its nicest (read hottest) weather in August, September and October.  When everyone is talking about fall I am still wearing maxi dresses and sandals and waiting for the weather to cool off.  What the rest of the country thinks of as fall weather I am lucky to see before Halloween.

This year I am going to Europe in September so there is actually a chance of seeing some fall weather.  I bought 3 coats during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and am still trying to decide between 2 of them. This one in navy and the other one in a dark maroon color. I leave for Europe in a few weeks so I guess I am going to have to make a decision at some point soon.

While I have plenty of clothes for all seasons I couldn't resist at least getting something new for fall.  I got this dress during the Anniversary Sale too and it will be really cute with my boots if the weather ever cools down enough to wear them. In the meantime ballet flats will do too.

In addition to my new clothes I am looking forward to getting out all of my fall decorations next weekend.  I have quite a few things I have acquired over the last few years and have at least a few new things to add this year.

Happy almost Fall!

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