Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sports Bra Review

Today I am going to talk about the two sports bras I got recently during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so if you don't want to read an entire post about bras you should stop reading now and come back later in the week for our regularly scheduled programing.

The Wacoal sports bra has been by go to sports bra for years.  I normally buy it in black or bright colors so that if it shows out the top of my gym shirt is definitely looks like a sports bra. It also comes in nude but that just looks too much like a regular bra for me. During the Anniversary Sale it came in white so I decided to give a light color a chance. This sports bra is super supportive though if you are not used to wearing your bras tight you might need to wear it a few times to get used to it.  The wires are on the outside of the bra so it kind of looks like it is inside out but just go with it. It is not a molded cup but I have never had any problems with anything showing. At this point most of my bras are a 32DDD but I still wear this bra in a 32DD so while it may run a little tight it does run true to size to slightly big in the cups.

This Chantelle sports bra was also available in Anniversary Sale and while I love my Wacoal sports bra I decided to give this one a shot too. It came in black with teal seams and in grey with pinkish seams. I ordered this in both a 32DDD and a 32DD to determine my size and it runs very similarly to the Wacoal sports bra so I needed the smaller cup size.  I think I must just like my sports bras really holding everything in. This bra also has an underwire but it is inside the bra like a traditional bra. I like that this bra is more of a molded cup but if you are trying to minimize your chest during your workout this is not the bra for you. It is super supportive but does not minimize (flatten) your chest.
I have worn both of these bras to multiple Orangetheory with great success.  I run my heart out and have had no problems with either one in terms of bouncing at all. I am glad I branched out and tried a new sports bra because now I have options depending on my mood (or gym outfit) which in my opinion is always a good thing.

In other news when I went to see what colors the 2 bras were coming in at the moment I discovered this other Wacaol sports bra that looks remarkably similar to the Chantelle one I was just talking about.  It comes in purple so I think this bra is going to be my next experiment.  If you have tried it let me know what you think!

Happy shopping and exercising! 

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