Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Decorations

There is that weird time of year after the 4th of July when there are no holidays coming up but it is still way too early to decorate for fall. My condo is currently in that time.

I brought out my spring wreath again, a bunch of my fabric flowers and put some little flip flops in my wooden bowl but beyond that I don't really have any "summer" decorations to speak of.

This year I decided to use this weird time of year to put out a whole assortment of signs with fun sayings. A few of them I use for other holidays but most of them I don't so that works out.

The happy hour sign and the beer sign I got recently at Target in the ever fabulous Dollar Spot but the rest of the signs I have picked up over the years at various places.

I have had these decorations up for a month or so and am planning to keep them up at least until about Labor Day when I will switch it up and put out my Fall decorations.  The Fall through Christmas time of year are my favorite times to decorate so I am excited we are nearing that time of year.

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