Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stich Fix #15

I can't say this was a particularly successful Stitch Fix box. There were a few items that had potential but nothing ended up working. I didn't notice this until I looked at the picture but everything in this box was kind of black, grey or navy blue.

This sweater wasn't a bad idea in general but it was just kind of boxy and unflattering on. It also had a strong chemical smell to it so that sealed the fate of this one.

This shirt was thing thing I liked the most when I opened the box. It fit and was cute but in the end I decided I already had a shirt like this one (hence me liking it) and I didn't really need another one so similar. 

This asymmetrical sweatshirt looked cute when I pulled it out the box but it did not look cute once I put it on. When the sweatshirt was zipped the under layer didn't lay flat and it was too small in the chest.

I could tell these black skinny jeans were not going to be a good look on me the minute I pulled it out of the box. I don't do well in pants in general and these were much too small in the waist and just generally not a good fit for me.

This dress was the worst thing in the box by far. I put in on and the under layer was super tight and the outer top layer was super flowy in a not flattering way. This dress looked like it was made for a dowdy 45 year old.

I ended up not keeping anything this month but I am excited to see what I get my box next month. If you want your own box feel free to use my link

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