Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Food in Munich

Rather than try to recap our fabulous honeymoon all in one post I have decided since I took pictures of almost all the food we ate to do one post about food and one post about our activities for each of the three cities we visited. Munich is up first

Our first night we had been traveling for many hours so we asked our hotel for a recommendation of a restaurant close to the hotel. They recommended a place a few blocks from the hotel and we were off. We were in Germany after all so we started our meal off with a beer.

My first meal in Germany was Kaese Spaetzle which was cheese spaetzle with fried onions and parsley on top. It also came with a side salad which was a nice way to get some veggies into a very carb heavy meal. The whole thing was delicious. You can't go too far wrong with cheese and something pastaish!

My husband had pork with dumplings and a side of some sort of slaw.  He enjoyed his meal. He was so excited to try all different kinds of German food and he loves meat and potatoes so this type of food is right up his ally.

Overall, despite the fact that we were super tired, we had a great first meal in Germany. A sign of many delicious meals to come for the rest of our time in Germany.

I did't take pictures of our breakfasts on the trip but our first full day in Germany we stopped for a morning snack of ice cream sundaes!

Not sure if you know this or not but in Germany they make amazingly awesome ice cream sundaes and sometimes they even top them with various liqueurs. Mine was a coffee flavored sundae and my husband had an amaretto one. We had ice cream many times on our trip but these were my favorites.

We were on a bus tour to see two castles on our second day so we ate a quick lunch before heading up to a castle for our tour.

Our tour got back fairly late and we were definitely fighting jet lag so we ended up going the same place for dinner on our second night that we had on our first. I had the same thing again and my husband had a mixed grill type of thing with potatoes and meat and veggies all mixed together.

We finished the evening off with a shared apple strudel. 

The next day was our day to visit the Octoberfest tents!


To accompany our beers we ordered a cheese plate, some sort of pickled sausage dish and a cup of dumpling soup.  The soup and the cheese plate were good but I was not crazy about the sausage.  I don't tend to like pickled things and this really just tasted like a hot dog with pickle juice on it.

After eating lunch it was time for a giant pretzel and another beer. As you can see this pretzel was seriously bigger than my head but it was oh so good.

The main tents were so crowded that evening that we ended up in one of the smaller less traditional tents for dinner. We ended up in the only tent to serve cocktails so after a few days of lots of beer I was happy to have a mojito.

My husband had a mixed meat and potato dish with a side salad while I had "pumpkin soup" with brown bread.  The quotes around pumpkin soup are there because apparently in Germany (and Austria) all winter squashes are called pumpkin when they are translated into English.  Not sure if different types of squashes have different names in German but while this was called pumpkin soup in reality it was butternut squash soup. Good thing I like pretty much all types of winter squash because this isn't the last time I ordered "pumpkin" something.

Our third full day we were on another bus tour.  We had our lunch in Rothenburg.

My dish was some sort of fried potato and cheese thing with a nice side salad while my husband had the specialty sausage of Rothenburg with potatoes.

For dinner this night we went to a place recommended by my friend Whitney and it was fantastic! This chanterelle mushroom dish with pretzel dumplings was my favorite thing I ate in Germany and possibly my favorite meal of the whole trip. Sooo good!

My husband had a mixed meat and potato skillet with an egg on it.  This was also one of his favorite meals of the trip.

For dessert we shared a stout tiramisu followed in the footsteps of everything else we ate here and was delicious.

The next day we stopped for lunch (and beer) on our way to an afternoon of museuming.

I had what was kind of like a lasagna with sausage patties in it topped with a nice thin gravy.  I have no idea what it was called but it was good.

Not sure what kind of meat my husband had at this meal but as many meals did it had a dumpling with it.

We stopped in the middle of the afternoon for an ice cream break. I had a scoop of chocolate chip and a scoop of berry while my husband had a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of chili chocolate. All of it was good but the berry and the chili chocolate were my faves.

After our day at the museums we wandered around to find someplace to eat dinner and ended up going to the same place as we had the night before because the food had been so good.

My husband had a pork knuckle and I had a mushroom dumpling with cheese. Yum! Not pictured but we had the same delicious stout tiramisu for dessert again.

Our last day in Munich we decided to have a lighter meal (with beer of course) so my husband had a carpaccio salad while I had a big bowl of "pumpkin" soup.

We finished off our lunch with a few scoops of ice cream and were off to have more adventures.

After almost a week of German food it was time for something a little bit different.  For our last dinner we went to this cute little Italian place.  We started off with a great roasted veggie and mozzarella appetizer. After many days of beer I had a glass (or two) of wine and my husband had a sparkling apple beverage.

His seafood pasta was good but I always enjoy a nice cream sauce so I was very happy with my mushroom and prosciutto pasta.

We woke up early the next morning and took the train to Salzburg to have more adventures...

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