Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stitch Fix #16

My next box just arrived and I realized that since my previous box had arrived the week before my trip I didn't get the post written before I left. Time to play catch-up for last month but come back next week to hear all about my current box.

This dress was cute in theory but when I put it on the waist didn't hit in the right spot so therefore the hip darts were also in the wrong spot. I like the fabric and the striped pattern but it had to go back

This one was also cute but as you can see from the picture it wrinkles very easily.  If it is this wrinkly just from being in a box than it is going to be a mess by the end of a day wearing it.  Not worth the ironing hassle so it too went back.

I love scarves (especially infinity ones) but this is not a color pallet I wear very often.  I thought about keeping it but just didn't think I would get enough use out of it to justify it.

This black high low t-shirt was just blah.  Just a tad see through and nothing special.  I am not really in the market for a new black t-shirt so this one went back also.

After all of that I did end up keeping the 5th item in my box.  These gold filigree earrings are now part of my jewelry collection. I wore them the other day and despite being fairly large earrings they are very light and don't pull on my earlobes at all.

I only kept one thing from this box but come back next week to see what I kept from my current box. Hint: It was more than one thing!

If you want your own box feel free to use my link

Happy shopping!

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