Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stitch Fix #17 (and 18 too)

Since I managed to get a month behind in my Stitch Fix posts due to one arriving the day before my honeymoon I decided to catch up by covering two boxes in one post.

The previous box had a scarf in it that was not quite my colors so this month they send me a scarf that was much more my style. This pretty scarf is a super cozy blanket scarf and has been an adventure finding ways to wear it. I can't wait to find more ways to wear it.

As usual these leggings are a little long on me but they are a nice weight and not see through. That combined with a nice wide comfy waist ban sold me on these.

Please excuse the slightly rumpled look of this top.  I took this picture right after I pulled it out of the dryer because I liked it so much that I didn't even wait to take a picture of it before wearing it. I love how comfy it is and the elbow patches make it extra fun.

I had asked for comfy clothes so in addition to the fun striped top I was also sent this great plum hoodie.  It is nice and lightweight which is great since I do live in California and it really doesn't get that cold.

I like this one but wasn't crazy about how it looked on me. I actually ended up keeping this one because I was keeping the other four things and it is cheaper to keep all 5 than send this one back because of the 20% discount. I think I will end up finding someone to give it to.

After keeping all five items last month (for the first time) I was excited to get my box this month. My first item was this pair of skinny jeans.  They didn't fit quite right and I am not really in need of a new pair of jeans so these went back.

Cute bracelet but I don't normally wear bracelets.  I didn't think I would get very much use out of it so I send this one back too.

It is a bit hard to tell from this picture but this is the back of the shirt.  The front was a sweater with a but of a build in shirt at the bottom but the back stopped being a sweater about halfway down. The color was quite nice but I found the back a bit weird so this too went back.

Wasn't crazy about the color of this shirt when I first took this out of the box but when I put it on and the chest was too tight I didn't think twice about sending this one back.

After sending the first four things in the box back I am onto the winner.  This t-shirt is grey in the front and stripped on the sleeves and back. It is so cozy and is great to wear with jeans to run errands on the weekends.  It is not quite dressy enough to wear to work so a weekend shirt it will have to be.
I am looking forward to getting my next box this month and if you want to get your own Stitch Fix box you can use my link

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