Monday, November 21, 2016

Food in Salzburg

I know it has been a while but here is another honeymoon food post.  This time we are in Salzburg, Austria.

We arrived in Salzburg around lunch time so after checking into our hotel we headed to an Italian restaurant near by for some lunch. Even though we were eating Italian it didn't stop us from having our first glass of Austrian beer.

My husband decided to go for something a little lighter and went for a tuna salad while I didn't pass up the opportunity for a big bowl of pasta.  I had a nice pasta with a gorgonzola sauce. A great first meal in the second city of our trip.

For dinner our first night we went to a restaurant right near our hotel. We didn't pick it based on its logo but it didn't hurt that it was a monkey with a beer and pretzels.

We started with a salad of arugula (rocket) and radicchio with avocado and a wonderful lemon dressing and a red pesto.  We have tried to recreate this salad a home but haven't been able to get it just right.

After staring out with a light first course we made up for it with our main course. I had a risotto and my husband had a steak.

Our first morning we headed out and grabbed some pastries at a local festival on our way to our adventures of the day.

Lunch our second day was another meat and potato dish for my husband and a goulash soup with a dumpling and "pumpkin" foam.

After lunch we saved room for a dessert I had heard about that was specific to Salzburg. This Salzburger Nockerl is a type of soufflé with a raspberry jam in the bottom. It was good but I can't say it was the best dessert we ate on the trip.

Our second night was another delicious meal with another delicious beer.  I think this beer was my favorite that we tasted in Austria.

These spinach dumplings with a brown butter sauce were to die for.  I ate every last scrap of food on my plate and enjoyed every bite. I don't remember what exactly my husband's dish was but I am sure he had amazing breath after eating those raw red onions.

Despite eating every single bite of my dumplings our dinner was at a leisurely pace so we had room for desert. My husband had an apple strudel of sorts and I had a delicious fried ice cream with a side of jam. 

As many other meals on this trip did our last lunch in Salzburg started out with beers. My cousin and my sister both rave about Stiegl beer so of course we had to try it.

I enjoyed my spinach dumplings the night before that I ordered spinach dumplings again at lunch the next day. These were good but not quite as good as the ones the previous day. My husband couldn't leave Austria without having wiernerschnitzel so that is what he had. 

Later that afternoon we took a little ice cream break and had pistachio sundaes. I love a good ice cream sundae and this one did not disappoint.
We were at the Salzburg fortress this last day so we also took a beer break to enjoy the view. Beer and a view are a good combination.

After two snacks that afternoon I didn't feel the need for a heavy dinner. I had a nice bowl of dumpling soup while my husband had another serving of schnitzel with a side of german potato salad.

We finished off our trip to Salzburg with two delicious desserts. I don't turn down a delicious ice cream sundae and this one didn't disappoint. We never did figure out what those little red berries on top of both of our desserts were but they were good.

It took me a while to get my second post of my honeymoon up but come back soon for more food. There won't be such a big gap between posts this time. Promise! Up next is Prague!

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