Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk-Long Weekend Wrap Up

Before I got to enjoy my three day weekend I had to get through a very chaotic week at work.

My department at work has been under construction for the last few months and this past week the construction on the area I sit in was finally completed.  We move in next week but since I am one of the project managers and have been in and out of the new space more times than I can count I took a few pictures of my new area in advance of moving in.

I have not had a permanent desk in over a year so in addition to being ready to have this project complete I am looking forward to having a desk. Wish me luck in unpacking a years worth of boxes that have been following me around into my new desk!

Saturday morning I headed down to Monterey to help my mom set up for a charity auction that she is the chair of.  I wore my new weekend shirt in celebration of the fact that it was three day weekend and it is comfy for helping move things around before the auction.  There were plenty of people around to help with set up so it only ended up taking a few hours.  My mom and I went out to lunch before heading back to my parents to rest for a few hours before getting all dressed up and fancy to attend the auction.
The theme of the auction is Have a Heart for Students so there was lots of red and gold and hearts all over the room.  

I got all dressed up in my new dress (it had pockets!) and headed out to drink wine, eat cheese and bid on things.  I am not in a place in my life where bidding on the live auction part of the night is feasible so I stuck to the silent auction. I ended up winning a few bottles of wine and some tasting certificates so I call that a success.
Sunday I slept in at my parents house, went to visit my grandma and then had burritos for lunch with my mom and my aunt before driving back home. Sunday was the break in the storm that has been hitting our area so I lucked out and had a pretty easy drive home.

Monday the storm was back in full force so after the gym and a couple of errands (can't risk running out of TP) I curled up at home for the afternoon. Since the weather was so cold and stormy outside soup seemed like the perfect thing for lunch.
As you can see below my afternoon was just so thrilling. Filling out tax forms is not my idea of an ideal afternoon but it had to be done. I did all the number part of the tax return so now I just have to go back and write our name and SSN about 50 billion times at the top of each page.

After a good weekend I am back to work for a short week.  Not sure how much work will be getting done this week since everyone has to unpack their desks but hopefully it should be less chaotic than last week. One can hope!

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