Friday, May 15, 2015

A few Hawaii Photos

Next week I have grand plans of doing a few longer posts (including a wedding update) on my trip to Hawaii once I have sorted though my photos.  Oh yeah and gotten ahold of all the fabulous photos taken on my sisters' and fiancee's phone too!  Here are a few photo of my trip:

Waiting for our luggage to come out and dreaming about all the swimming we are about to do on our vacation.

A little sneak peak of the view from our room.

Modeling the big floppy hat my fiancee bought me on our 3rd date over 2 years ago.  He is so sweet.  He bought me that hat because we talked about the fact that I have to wear tons of sunscreen since I am the poster child for whiteness.

Sunset view from our table at my mom's birthday/Mother's Day dinner. We were soo full after this dinner but it so hard to say no to dessert when it looks so good!

Stay tuned for lots more talk of Hawaii!

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