Monday, May 18, 2015

Hawaii Wedding "Research"

Even though we were on vacation in Hawaii my fiancee and I took some time to do some research for our upcoming wedding.  We are getting married on the Big Island (where we were on this trip) and we won't be back again until the wedding next year so this was our only opportunity to actually see our locations.

We looked at the Little Blue Church and while we loved it, the location (over 30 minutes from our reception) and the size (too small) made it not the most practical choice for us.  We took a million pictures and measurements in hopes that we could find a way to make it work so I will post all of that at some point for anyone who is thinking about getting married in Hawaii.

I knew I wanted to have my reception at the Mauna Kea so when we went there we were just choosing where at the resort to have the reception.

I never get tired of walking into the hotel on the beautiful blue tiled floors with the view of the ocean.

We decided to have our reception in the Garden Room.  The view from the room is gorgeous and with the glass doors open we can have the best of both worlds.  Inside option and an outside option. This is the back of the room.

We took pictures but this one from the Mauna Kea's website gives the best idea of how gorgeous this room is and the patio outside the room.  We will probably have the cocktail hour on the outside patio and set up tables for dinner inside the room.

While we were meeting with the wedding planner we told her we were looking at churches to get married in and she asked us if we had looked at the Ascension Church in Puako.  We said, no, it was not on our list (because we didn't know about it) but when she said it was only 10 minutes away from the Mauna Kea we quickly added it to our list of churches to look at.

We ended up going to the church on a Sunday morning during their service so we didn't end up with too many pictures of the inside since it is kind of rude to take pictures during mass.

My fiancee did take a video though most of it is of the outside of the church.  We went into the church through the "cry room."  Enjoy the many shots of the my feet and the ground!

I leave you with a few pictures of the pool and the view at the Mauna Kea.  I can't wait to go back next year and marry my love!

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