Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Tree

Despite the lack of extra space in our condo every year I make space for a real Christmas tree.  Once we have a bigger place I have told my husband to expect 2 trees but for now I enjoy the one I have room for.

This year I decided just to decorate using all my sentimental ornaments and a bunch of purple and silver balls.

I have my tree on a timer so it is always on when I walk in the door from work and turns itself off around bedtime. It is really nice to walk into a lit Christmas tree but in reality it is on a timer because the plug is way behind the tree and hard to reach.

My birthday is on Christmas so one of my sisters bought me this fun Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday ornament a few years ago.

This is one of my Santa Clauses that my grandparents bought me when I was younger. This Santa is covered in beads so it is remarkably heavy.

My grandmother bought me this wooden carved Santa on a trip to Branson, Missouri.

I love monkeys so it is not surprising that that I have a few monkeys that people have given me over the years on my tree. I don't remember who gave me this one but I love it.

I love my little tree and all the fun ornaments that bring me happy memories. I almost never throw away ornaments so my collection just keeps growing.  At the rate I am going I might eventually need 3 trees to house all my ornaments.

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