Thursday, December 3, 2015

It is Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Tuesday night my husband got tired of me talking about getting our tree and said let's just go get a tree.  He doesn't have any strong need for a real tree but he humors me. Another reason why I love him.

We went to our local Home Depot and I picked out the prettiest Douglas Fir tree.  I debated between a Noble Fir and a Douglas Fir but decided to go with the Douglas Fir this year.  Can't beat a nice fluffy Christmas tree.

There were those fun cutout characters at the tree lot.  I tried to get my husband to be in a picture but he only humors me so much.  He agreed to take my picture instead.

We brought our tree home and I set it up in the living room.  I have one of those fancy tree stands that lets you use a foot petal to adjust your tree.  You just put the tree in the stand and you can adjust it in all directions to make sure it is straight.  Notice how straight my tree is? Such a good invention! 

My tree was a little wet so I decided to let it hang out in my condo overnight before I started to put lights and ornaments on it. I am still not done decorating (life happens) so in the meantime here are a few photos of some of my other decorations that I was able to put up.  

Next week I will have a full post on all my various Christmas decorations and if you know me you will know I don't take Christmas decorating lightly so there will be many decorations.  

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  1. Such pretty pieces!
    I'm excited to see how you put it all together!!