Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #7

This month I wasn't as thrilled with my Stitch Fix as I have been in previous months.  I didn't have my photographer (aka handsome husband) around to take photos of me in the clothes so I took pictures of just the clothes.  It also could have something to do with the fact that one of the pieces was too small.

This cute grey sweatshirt was the one piece that I ended up keeping.  It has a pattern on the body and a different pattern on the sleeves to make it interesting.  It looks great with my jeans for weekend wear.

When I pulled this dress out of the box it looked like it had potential.  Nice color, nice shape, waaaaay too short.  My butt was almost hanging out the bottom of this dress so it very quickly went back in the box to go back.

Turtle necks and I are not really friends so I didn't have high hopes for this sweater. Oddly, I love scarves but I hate the way a turtle neck feels.  I always feel like there is too much fabric on them.

I didn't like these jeans when I saw all the fading on the legs and it really sealed their death when they wouldn't even get over my butt.  These jeans went back immediately. 

This purse was cute on the inside but I wasn't crazy about the chain. I like the size of this gold purse with a strap but it was too big for me to carry as a clutch so since I didn't like the strap (which was removable) so back it went.

Not my favorite box this month but I am still looking forward to getting my box next month.  If you want to get your own box feel free to use my link.

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