Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Christmas Decorations...

Our condo is definitely decked out for Christmas.  I tried not to go too crazy with decorations in our small space but I am not sure how successful I was this year.

I was born on Christmas so every year for my birthday (until I was 18) my grandparents gave me a Santa Claus of some sort.  Sometimes they were statues, sometimes they were ornaments and sometimes they were something else completely.  Needless to say I have quite a collection of Santa Clauses.  Many of them are still at my parents house (thanks parents) but quite a few of them have made it into my collection of decorations.  This wooden Santa is one of my many Santas.

This little guy is one of my early childhood Santas so he is not in the best of shape anymore.  His bag is no longer attached to his hand but it just means he is well loved.

This Santa actually has an armless friend (twin) at my parents house somewhere.  My grandmother (and grandfather) had a matching Santa and after my grandmother died a few years ago this Santas friend came with me.  I always called this Santa the toothpaste Santa because the buckle on his belt looked like toothpaste to my eight year old self.  Well, it made sense at the time.

I am loving the combination of silver, red and green in my wooden bowl this year.  

I have a few more decorations and a tree to talk about but I didn't want to totally overwhelm people with pictures so the tree gets its own post later in the week.

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